XMR whale exit

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Hi All!

All of us darknetters love XMR. However, when one sees a pump and dump, he doesn't let whales have all the fun :D

XMR was pumped by 50% vs it's BTC value and by 100% vs it's $ value. Today we have surpassed it's ATH market cap.

Entry: 1500
1st Target: 1370
2nd Target: 1290

  • Kraken added XMR today, price didn't go up. Bearish sign.
  • Monero was hyped on several fake news, and they took it all the way up to 1500. It takes some time before the news are proven to be fake. 1st time it worked, this time it won't.
  • Fluffy himself is a very cool and down-to-earth guy. And as such, he pointed out that manipulators are profiting from idiots on his coin.
  • Chinese news are fake, and Fluffy did not write the article -> dirty price manipulation business.
  • Fake shillers promised Coinbase support for XMR, instead coinbase added IRS .
  • The first time XMR was pumped to it's ATH , it was a much more convenient action and ended very bad. This time we can expect even worse ending.

In the chart.

Happy trading! ;)
Trade ist aktiv: Whales lured us into a trap. Now, question is... be in red numbers for a while and win big time in the end, or succumb to the pump and dump and exit with a loss?

Each to his own strategy, I am not closing the trade and will keep faithful to my FA + TA even if it brings me some losses here.

Kraken integration allows whales to exit easier. I also expect big news coming on other coins, which will steal the spotlight of Monero. Once that happens we have the greatest bagh0dlers presence in crypto in some time. Whales will cash first pull the rug and let noobs go into margin calls. That is when we take the big profits.

If capital and money management allows, I suggest to add to short on bounces and then slightly decrease on dips.

With each day the end of the pump is coming closer!
Kommentar: I am sure that 1650 is a great entry for short.

Added 50 BTC there.

The signal for me was seeing that someone margin-long bought 150 btc sell wall at 1650, which seemed to be the last gate blocking XMR from mooning. However, this noob whale also put up a 350 btc buy order, also on margin, and it got SMASHED within 1-2 secs of being put up!

Incredible feat & whale fight. Since then, it has been apparent that whales are switching to exit mode and starting to dump on each other. One whale provides buy support to drive the price up, but other whale doesn't have problem dumping from 1640 where the price is to 1600 in one hit, where other whale put 150 btc buy support. Then another smash from 1630 all the way to 1580 where another buy wall was put and appeared to be safe... but wasn't!

Also, BTC loans are almost depleted; around 1000 BTC available in stock for borrowing.

All it takes for XMR death is for ETH or any other margin coin to start a rally.

My base is improved to 1600. My recommendation is shorting asap ^^

Happy trading! ;)
Trade ist aktiv: For those who wait for more confirmations before entering a trade (should have done the same, but hard in manipulated market), we are getting KDJ bear x-over on 4H and have had a MAJESTIC bear div. Should 4h close under 1600, it is a good entry for short.
Trade ist aktiv: Closed a total of 2500 of my shorts at 1520. Still holding 3000 shorts total. Base price is now 1580, which is very good, I suppose.

Everything is going as expected. Sorry to my followers for posting a non-confirmed trade. It was stated in the chart though, that we can go UP IFF Volume increases. The whales have lured us into a bear tArp. Next time we wait for the confirmation!

Now, hold tight on to your shorts, exit your longs, sell your spot! ADD ON BOUNCES. I am adding 1550-1600. I doubt it would go any higher, but if 4h closes above 1600, I will write an update with chart and explanation! Be careful that more fake or real news may come in the upcoming days.

Best friend TA says it clear and loud: DOWN, DOWN, DOWN TO GOBLIN TOWN!

Trade ist aktiv: Hope everyone listened and reacted quick! MONERO TAP OUT

Trade ist aktiv: UPDATE: Monero managed to recover and bounce over 1600. I was following the price action closely, to provide everyone with update.
VERDICT: Low volume. BTC went up a lot. ETH went up a lot. Ask book on XMR is getting thicker with every hour, 50k more asks than yesterday, which is +30%.

There is not enough BTC in loan books on Polo to push this through 1700.

Down, Down, Down to Goblin Town!

Trade should now be active again for gamblers. Others will wait for confirmation on 4h KDJ bear x-over.
Trade ist aktiv: Bitcoin just had a crash.

XMR is next. Hope bulls have life insurance, will be nice to have when they visit IRU at hospital.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Hi ALL!

People laughed at XMR charts... now here is for you: suck this. Target reached!
1365. Our target was 1370. Hope everyone took massive profits. Dozens of BTC profit here, thanks to adding huge amounts to shorts at 1650. As seen in our updated charts, 1600 was the correct entrance for this short. Next time we wait confirmation before jumping in.

This trading idea is finished.

Now I suggest to wait for RingCT hard-fork which is due in 1-2 days. Re-short it on announcement. I might do another public idea on XMR, but seeing the power of whales, I'd rather focus on more rational markets. Quick suggestions: I am still bearish on XMR, bullish on ETH and very bullish on MAID at this point. ETH I was super-bullish since 760, in Cryptocurrencies chatroom. MAID I am so bullish now, because it hasn't moved up yet much and has glorious update on 10/1. Stay tuned, support me and I will publish more frequently!

Happy trading! ;)
Trade ist aktiv: Hi ALL!

As said in last comment, re-shorted RingCT hard-fork announcement. Did not post new chart as I was out skiing. Great trade, great profits. 1550 -> 1220. Once again, great!

Now I opened a Long here at 1250. Why? Just because of TA.

Happy trading! ;)
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Taking 100 points profit at 134-137.

Wat? EEZY!

Happy trading! ;)
Trade ist aktiv: Short time. Short 138.

Happy trading! ;)

P.S. I am thinking of making another big long-term analysis for XMR and close this one. What do you think? Write in comments under analysis, please :)
Kommentar: Cheers for your comments!

Here is the chart, @TahirKhan2a . Price started dropping already. @ivolotion : Target about 128-131 before the charts and price action reveals more ;)
297 now - what do u think ? short or mb long to 0.04??? can't understand wtf is going on)))
What's the target of your current short?
Post a chart as to why you want to short 138.

Yes, please go ahead. Thoses trades worked fine.
I've been following this thread from the beginning. Wasn't able to make any of these plays, but just wanted to thank you for the charts and analysis - it is very helpful for a noob like myself to see and read a more comprehensive thought process and strategy. Much appreciated!
monero up 0.0135
Bitcoin is still $1100
Keep repeating yourself. Eventually you will get it right lol
Thanks @MarcelV for you excellent chart
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The price is at $18 now, hahaha get rekt.
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