XLM - The Ripple/Ethereum Killer Poised to Take Market Share!

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Stellar Lumens hit and exceeded our target of 55 cents before the recent market pullback. Clearly the crypto eco-system accepts XLM' over XRP' if not for anything but based on philosophy alone. XRP' is the "Satan of Cryptos" in the eyes of most enthusiasts even though XRP' competes with Ethereum' for number of transactions. But could we be seeing a shift in momentum and in the crypto space overall to XLM' and why?

I have owned both XRP' and ETH' since I first entered the crypto space. Both have had epic runs and for good reason, they are the first of their kinds. As important as first to market penetration is, the alleys are filled with failed first to market products. One big reason is market perception. Both XRP' and ETH' have a cloud hanging over their heads. XRP' is considered the epitome of centralization, and ETH' can not seem to get out of its own way whether it was the hacking or recently losing coins leaving a novice at the helm of the controls. It is the Valdez of Cryptos. To be clear I still believe that ETH' will outperform the market this year, but I am downgrading XRP' and removing it from my core and in its place adding XLM'. What was the deciding factor?

The announcement by Mobius Networks to use XLM' to fund their token sale which sold out in two hours. This is huge for XLM' as it takes them from just competing with XRP' and adds ETH' to its crypto hitlist! The quote from CEO' David Gobaud was even more critical as he stated "We look at ethereum' like AOL' or Myspace". Powerful words from a CEO' who had participants from China's Angel Chain Capital to Walton Chain in on the crowd fund. Does this mean ETH' is DOA'?

As the space grows, customers and users will be looking for fast, fast and faster transactions speeds at a very low cost especially in the micro payment area like the IOT'. Stellar Lumens appears to deliver and this is where they can even compete with Ethereum . I'm not counting out ETH' by any means, but this puts some fire under their developers to resolve the scaling issue and puts them at a disadvantage with the fee structure. Nothing like waiting 30 minutes during peak times to get confirmation of transactions and paying for it. Stellar's goal in the long run is to be a currency as well as a platform and I like that and want to be invested! Fast transfers, high coin count, deflationary currency, smart contracts, what is not to like about Lumens.

So we completed wave IV in the longer term cycle and are poised for a V wave run. I am adding here as XLM' has held up better than most other cryptos and definitely been outperforming XRP' which appears to be showing additional weakness. In addition its a 500% move if XLM' hits $3.00 and only a 250% move for XRP'. With XLM' already pulling back to the 0.618 retracement of wave III' and following the trend line , I believe momentum continues. A few more announcements like the Mobius one and it could challenge the top 3-5 for market cap. Not only are they targeting the platform market, they are targeting the fiat market as well, and with faster and cheaper transaction speeds they are bound to gain market share in both.

Thang you, Goldbug. Could you give any updates on this post, please? What is the buy zone?
Thanks! What would you consider a good entry point? I would like to add XLM to my long position.
Thank you for your analysis. Cheers bro.
sending thanks for the good analysis as always!
"and ETH' can not seem to get out of its own way whether it was the hacking or recently losing coins leaving a novice at the helm of the controls. It is the Valdez of Cryptos."

I must have missed this news, can you (or someone else) please elaborate or link?
cryptomix415 halcy0n9001
@halcy0n9001, lost coins and crypto kitties killing the network are the big ones
halcy0n9001 cryptomix415
@cryptomix415, Thanks - crypto kitties I know about. But I must have missed the news about lost coins (couldn't find anything doing a quick search)?
whoisthelorax halcy0n9001

a company that hosts a wallet (Parity i believe?) lost over $100 million of customer's funds due to an amateur poking around with the code.
halcy0n9001 whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, OK Thanks - I knew about this one too.

Not so much an ETH bug, just a poorly written (and poorly tested) smart contract on the ETH platform that got killed, and now all the funds controlled by that smart contract cannot be moved.

But from a non-technical point of view I guess it doesn't really matter - if it happened on the ETH platform most people will relate it to the performance of ETH.

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