XLM enter now thank me later

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar Lumens / Bitcoin
I simplified it because you guys complain
Kommentar: DMJr9tiZWecXi1Z8CEigrkqNFtEQZF9fYD
Here's my doge address for dogenations.

It's not just for show. This is me rattling my change cup at you
Kommentar: McCaleb'd.
I'm still long but trade at your own risk at this point
get rekt, lolz
CV_PoloVita lakerz690
@lakerz690, Lets see your perfect xlm chart bud
lakerz690 CV_PoloVita
@CV_PoloVita, nah all I need is a couple indicators to tell this thing will dump. I'll wait till all the weak hands and shit traders dump their bags and I'll buy back in even cheaper. Plus I'm not a newb and don't base my trades off anything less than the 1 day chart. Maybe the 4 hour depending on the amount of volume running through a market.
CV_PoloVita lakerz690
@lakerz690, how many indicators do you need to see my foot going up your ass
lakerz690 CV_PoloVita
@CV_PoloVita, lol dude talk shit all you want, just don't post your shit ideas on this site. There's already enough people that suck at trading that take trading advice from shit TA like yours.
I'd be very careful about entering right now. I entered earlier too but the last drop is related to the tether incident which means some news could have a major impact on the price action.
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CV_PoloVita MarkusLaubenthal
@MarkusLaubenthal, See the thing about that is I said enter now, whereas you entered earlier. Earlier was a bad time to enter. Now is a good time to enter.
You need a keen sense of chronology for some things. This is one of them
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MarkusLaubenthal CV_PoloVita
@CV_PoloVita, Don't get me wrong here. When I said I entered "earlier", I meant like 30-60 minutes ago. And yes it was indeed a good entry point. I fully confirm that, regarding the price action.

Plus I just said "to be careful". What that means is: set your stop loss. Not "Don't enter"

Bye and cya
CV_PoloVita MarkusLaubenthal
@MarkusLaubenthal, I'd also like to elucidate that I absolutely will never take advice from someone who claims a textbook .382 retracement within an ascending triangle was 'caused by news'.
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zeelorenc CV_PoloVita
@CV_PoloVita, haha
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