Stellar XLM to the moon 1$ and beyond

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Stellar XLM is the new shooting star within the top 10 and has made a rally of 130% in 3 days and has been crossing the 50 Cents mark now aiming for 1$.

My last predictions of XRP predicting 2$ by the end of the year as well as predictions for BCH and IOTA mooning when they 350$ and 0,38$ were pretty accurate.
So here is my next call: XLM to 1$ latest in Q1-18, I even see it happening until middle of february. So this is a coin you should hodl for sure in your portfolio.
Great project behind it. A cooperation with IBM and the latest shooting star coin in the scene. People wanted to see 1$ fall for XRP and IOTA and the current rally clealry shows, they wanna see 1$ fall for XLM .

Looking at the chart:
We see a very bullish set up and XLM is above the KUMO and baseline from 1m to 4h chart which means all lights green for long trades!
MACD shows clear uptrend.
DMI clearly shows Bulls in lead (40ish)
RSI is in overbought territory but traders don´t seem to care for now. We will surely see a short term retracement which will be a good buy zone to then go for target 1$.

So XLM is my next big recommendation. Just hodl this one until at least 1$ and make 100% within weeks.

Good luck with all of your trades!

Your likes are appreciated!
Kommentar: Big sell wall of 1.5 Mio $ at 2499 was broken. No bigger resistance ahead for now for the short-term traders. For the other mid-term traders, relax and hodln until 1$, I see it coming quite soon with the current speed and focus XLM is getting
Kommentar: we reached 66 Cents already, after the dip on BTC rally today, we are back on track. I see 1$ before the end of the month even with this speed. Today XLM is one of the few top 20 coins who is big in the green, which means it will get a lot of attention and volume most likely
@investra Could you or someone else explain to me why the rate of returns are less when purchasing XLM with BTC vs USD? Also what would be the reason some exchanges would not allow some altcoins to be purchased with USD?
Hello Mr. Investra, what do you think of the recent correction? I joined the XLM trade at 2.8k, but I closed a short at 4k satoshi and I'm in for the drop :'(. Do you think we hit rock bottom support at ~3.5k? ...or do you think we will test 3.0k as BTC wakes up? HODL?
codearm2 d4rkm4n715
@d4rkm4n715, just hodl it, it's still on the track to $1
Great post! I bought 400 XLM at .17, sold half of them at .32 :( Still keeping 200 on my Ledger tho...waiting for a correction to load some more on my bag. Hope we Stellars reach 1$ soon!
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I bought in at 0.00002512 and sold at 0.00003552 :(
Should I still get in on this or is it too late for me? If I can still go in what would be a good entry point?
@rg11trd, currently you have a good entry point. Handle it with patience and hodl it. We will see 1$ happening, so you can still make about 95%. Donßt be tempted to trade back and forth too much, just take it as in investments for a few weeks
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i put order naw at 4K is good zone to by or not
investra Pronto1986
@Pronto1986, yes 3950-4000 is a good buy zone, good luck
alaaabdul investra
@investra, what are short term targets?
CrikeyCrickey alaaabdul
@alaaabdul, 4600
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