XLM Opportunity (Strong but steady push UP)

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Very simple analisys for Stellars Lumen ( XLM ).
Bitcoin is breaking out and everything is going red but a few coins.

XLM is one of those coins that remained GREEN.

- Chart analysis has several bullish signals.
- Candle stick analysis is showing bullish patterns.
- Indicators are bullish , such as MACD , RSI and STOCH on the daily chart .

All these indicators point to strong but steady upward movement.

Open trade: 0.000011 - 12
Stop: 0.00000920

(1) 0.000013
(2) 0.000018
(3) 0.000023

There will be resistance along the way.

If you miss any opportunities, don't worry, there are endless opportunities in the cryptocurrencies world.

If you made mistake and feel down and bad, there is nothing wrong with you or your trades, you simply needed some lessons to improve your game.
So don't despair and play safe, because it doesn't really matter what happens... YOU DESERVE THE BEST.
Kommentar: If you find this analysis useful and helps you profit, your gift is highly valued and appreciated.
Your gift will support more fully updated and strong, safe, simple, positive and profitable ideas:

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Trade ist aktiv: First target reached.
Kommentar: We are now waiting for the next day. Tomorrow, after tomorrow?

Don't matter. Buy the dips (reload - rebuy) and hold strong until we start to climb to our next target.

P.S. I cannot answer private messages anymore, way too many and it is a lot of work to update all the charts. Please just follow the updates. And send some tips/gifts, this is really hard work. Full time.
Trade ist aktiv: This correction was expected even without Bitcoin huge run. Trade still active. HOLD patiently, go out to nature and relax. Everything will be back to normal in a few days. LIFE is on our side and I live within that knowing.

You and I, we both DESERVE THE BEST. And so it is.
Trade ist aktiv: Late update.

First the stop was reached.
We bought back at 730.
Many of our followers remained holding. If you didn't follow the stop loss, then please just hold. It will get back track. Selling now will only seal the loss. If you HOLD you will gain everything back and later profit.

XLM will go back up. Give it some time to regain strength.

The last two candles on the 4h chart above are sending positive signals.
The 1h chart does not have enough information and the Daily chart still needs to develop. But since the Bitcoin Bull Run caused the drop, the reversal is likely to happen unless Bitcoin takes off again.

HOLD strong. I will post a definitive update as soon as there are enough signals.
Kommentar: Tips for beginners.. Enjoy:
Kommentar: For those that remained on the trade, the 4h chart is building up pretty nice.
After we break 0.00000930 we go for 0.00001120.

Patience is key.
Kommentar: This coin has been slow to recoup after Bitcoin Bull Run. Still a good trade for a mid-long term run.
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: This is not a profitable trade anymore. Indicators point to new lows. If you like XLM, you can wait on the sidelines and rebuy once it hits bottom.

Here are the support levels based on the Fibonacci sequence from the highs of (*) 1444 on the 7th Dec. 2017 :

(1) 675
(2) 464

Support using other indicators (long term):

(1) 347
(2) 203
(3) 146

I will only revisit this coin when it becomes profitable to trade it.

The support level more likely to hold sits around 460-488.

Hope that helps.
Kommentar: I am no longer active in this coin, but i see a breakout, so this is a good timeto buy if you are looking to make money on this coin. You can aim for an easy and fast 30-50%, and who knows, even much more.

I won't be following this trade. This is just for those that are holding this coin and would like to trade it.
Trade ist aktiv: XLMBTC is starting to move. Our trade idea is a bit outdated. So for your benefit, I am giving out new targets, in case you have an open position with XLM.

(1) 1045
(2) 1288
(3) 1469
(4) 1920
(5) 2780

All bullish indicators are active in the 1 Day chart:

- Uptrend channel
- TD count #2 - GREEN
- MACD, RSI & STOCH, crossover or complete reversal.

Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: We will revisit this coin in a new trade idea in the future, after Bitcoin's Bull Run is over.
Kommentar: XLM run might be reaching a climax today. So make sure to sell at the top.



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@alanmasters any update on XLM? I mooned all the way to 6370sat, and no retrace to 0.5 Fib level (3588sat) from mid-december break out. Could this be a new entry point?
Hi @alanmasters, do you have an update on Stellar? Broke through that resistance.
+1 Antworten
hi, so the target is around 15xx ?
tuananhvu1601 tuananhvu1601
@tuananhvu1601 by the way the current chart is very good .... it's building the 3 candles :) what do you think ? @alanmasters
rakha.dee tuananhvu1601
@tuananhvu1601, around 19xx
+1 Antworten
tuananhvu1601 rakha.dee
@rakha.dee, thank you :)
It looks like it's just sitting on a level waiting to take the next big step up. Do you think it's at his top now or it gets there in the next 24 hours?
where is the target
Dunno...seems we might be in the middle of wave 3, with Wave 1 topping out on the 6th and wave 2 bottoming out on the 8th. I know the TD sequential is signaling a sell in this bar, and it may be prudent to do so. What do you think?
Your intention is to keep it, or sell it
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