DigitalNote (XDNBTC) idea #2 - Bullish trend continuing

BITTREX:XDNBTC   DigitalNote / Bitcoin
DigitalNote ( BITTREX:XDNBTC ) is a open-source project (http://digitalnote.org/). Which was already opened more in my previous post (https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XDNBTC...).

Targets are same (resistance levels)
- 219 satoshi
- 286 satoshi
- 347 satoshi

There has been heavy resistance in the 180-185 area and 195-200 area. The volume has been around 70-80BTC daily, so still low volume . The COINBASE:BTCUSD has been on a downhill and will correct soon toward $16k level and it might push ALTCOINS down, but DigitalNote has been rising with Bitcoin before.
Kommentar: Lower detail price action
Kommentar: Seems like we are in a holding pattern and waiting for news from any of the developers of this coin. Currently REDDIT and FB have been silent outside the few competitions. There is much potential with this coin, but the non-communication from the developers is killing slowly this coin.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Not sure, if to keep this open since the 150 level was broken by Bitcoin rising and the DigitalNote hit 110 lowest point. Now around 185 because of a Telegram pump.

Orginal message in Telegram group:
Mid Term :round_pushpin: #XDN:round_pushpin:
#BITTREX :arrow_forward: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketN...
Buy Zone: 150 or below
T 1: 160
T 2: 169
T 3: 178
T 4: 187
Stop-loss: 135
Kommentar: The end picture
Kommentar: I jumped out maybe bit too soon, should have taken bit more risk, but the volume seemed to drop around 185. Well next time ill get that extra 20%.. Not sure, if anybody cares that there is no word from developers since the XUN Fork. So for long term I think it will be risky until they come out with a new roadmap or REDDIT QA
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: This ended up with a HUGE pump-and-dump and now flowing back down since no new news from developers.
Ouch, we both got out too early. Oh well. I didn't see this coming 600 sat, huh???
Jaquatech Braulio789
@Braulio789, Yeps.. :(
Good post here. thanks. I got in at 157 and out at 204. Not sure if this thing will blow up some more to ATH but I didn't want to be greedy and get caught on the dump. Not a coin I want to own and hold with the absence of news, developer involvement
Jaquatech Braulio789
@Braulio789, Thanks. Yes, I think the lack of news is troubling.

There is still fairly large mining popularity in MinerGate for the coin.
Pool 2.429MH/s
Miners: 33,660
World 7.300MH/s
Blockchain height: 1,434,789
Difficulty: 875,947,683
Thanks for the update,I entered at 160sats
Seems like Bitcoin is bringing all ALTS down with it
Seems like the volume died totally in this one.. :( Plaah.. I think the developers should come out and explain the HitBTC issues, the only info from users is not to use that exchange. However there is strong https://twitter.com/brandon_pulling/status/945325057638666240 interest in the market. We just need some info from actual developers.
https://www.coinpayments.net/vote DigitalNote is now the 1st coin in the vote.
Seems to be a lot of silence going on in the $XDN development community, but the user community seems to be bit more active. Also trading in HitBTC is still having issues because of maintenance https://twitter.com/XDNCommunity/status/945818315062153216 / https://www.reddit.com/r/digitalNote/comments/7lqwpz/bought_xdn_from_hitbtc_wont_let_me_transfer/.
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