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OANDA:XAUXAG   Gold/Silver
I find the current overvaluation of gold compared to silver very exciting. As you can see on the chart, the XAUXAG's ratio style rebounded at the upper falling resistance level in April (82.58 to 1) and is now heading back to the bottom for the next few years before ending in an overvaluation phase of silver.
A first goal is the ratio of gold to silver from 50 to 1 as indicated by the arrows in the chart and is the 61,8% correction of 2011 low and 2016 high.
This does not mean that silver-has to go through the roof, for example, it would be enough if gold-falls and the price of silver-remains constant.

Therefore, for all precious metal fans, a switch from gold to silver is currently interesting, because-currently I can still exchange 77 to 1, later perhaps only 50 gold shares to 1 silver share or even worse. The chance risk ratio is at interesting 4.5 to 1 when the stop loss is set to the last April high.
On the other hand, then silver-producers would be interesting. For example, ImpactSilver (88% SilverProduction) or Golden Arrow Resources (72%) or First Majestic Silver (63%) or Endeavor-Silver (60%) or Silvercorp Metals (57%) or SilverCrest (52%) or Fortuna-Silver-Mines (51%). These would accordingly be the "natural" leverage instruments with rising silver prices. Let's see if I will do separate analyzes on these values.

Greetings from Hannover
Stefan Bode

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