GOLD / Go Hule

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
Oh my.
Kommentar: End of key pullback.
Normal behaviour. Break Alteration level, then go down backtest it.
Trade ist aktiv
Kommentar: I offer you to close some % of your trade here at 28 my child!
Kommentar: Look at that gentlemen. Not going up in straight line, but goes right to that heart.! I love you gold!
Kommentar: Yes, Gold, make low!
See huys, always use heart icon in gold trading! If you will put it in your charts, gold will love you. It too wants to be loved and feel warm. Imagine all world trading you, nobody give s S about you, just trade you, and then suddenly a man shows up who trades you with love. Imagine how u would feel and what you would do!
People, please love gold!
Kommentar: #LOVEGOLD

If gold move up without reaching 31, we will have great transition sell signal. If gold move down you don't dare to go short!
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: I sense little bit of a sell pressure back n forth based on how transitions float after recalculations. Furthermore due to Yellen speech I am closing the trade here. My profit goal is more than hit and I am happy to leave the trading table for now! And wait for new opportunity. All the best.
Kommentar: Gold should make new highs due to fact that XO moved below close price. :) #LOVEGOLD
Kommentar: Gold reach 1231 first no sell valid anymore.
Kommentar: Message to Comex, I see selling pressure once you guys open. But this is the time when your shorts will get rekt and u short your account balances even thos u are big gold cartel! Call your accountant.
Kommentar: We still have selling pressure based on transitions tho. Mixed situation here. Gold lead us ..
Kommentar: Selling pressure took the driver seat!
Now people start understanding why I'm always wearing golden jewelry xD xD #LOVEGOLD
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
@ValtsVladimirLiepnieks, Long time no see you King! Where have you been? Busy spending those profits bro?
@TPparadigma, YEAH, long time no see!

Well you pumping my bank account so fast I can't spend enough, so had to work on it xD :)

Good to be back, blessed to have you man!!!

I missed the LONG opportunity , what is the ideal price to get in LONG again ?
@SonerB, Please not now! Especially before news event. There will always be an entry. No worries.
SonerB TheZabisyu
@TPparadigma, Thank you , I am following you , thumbs up !
you're crazy man, but makin' money <3 #LOVEGOLD
TheZabisyu agonmazreku
@agonmazreku, Nice hashtag man. thanks #LOVEGOLD
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