What it's going to be? What's your take?

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
As you know that we chased GOLD from the top, you can see here by clicking on it and you can see it made over 1700+ Pips and hopefully you had took your maximum profit. Now in the current scenario, I am seeing a move up IF price breaks the upper trendline and IF it breaks DOWN then we may see a move towards down. In either case you need to wait for confirmation.

Trade according your own strategy!!
Kommentar: Nicely hit 100 Pips..
Kommentar: 150+ Pips Up!
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Just at point! Always do your best and leave the rest & Believe in Quality, not Quantity..


if it goes up, that would be better for me as having a long :D
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WaveExpert AbdullahArslan
lol.. You shouldn't have entered that early under that circumstances! @AbdullahArslan,
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AbdullahArslan WaveExpert
it is earlier then you think and was not me :D my firend took a long i didnt know and we re hoping it will turn up lol :D
WaveExpert AbdullahArslan
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nice work CooKie....
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thanks @D27,
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I love your analysis, could you please update it?
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WaveExpert Priceaction_br
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hi expert,nice setup but i am only interested to go long because deep correction seems to be over and soon it seems to go up for a whole new wave to the upside,might have attraction for the traders with short term setups but in long term it seems to brake to the upside macd is also giving a strong evidence in the current scenario to the upside. do u agree.
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WaveExpert adilnaqvi000786
thats right. if correction remain the same and price respect its levels then we may see a good setup for up after breakout. Otherwise.. @adilnaqvi000786,
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