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Wonderfull RISK FREE sell can be opened right at Sub Transition.
Why it is risk free? Well you know my trading, if transition is broken upwards, it will come back to test it, so if our sell goes wrong, we can close it later at BE ( 0 loss )
Sell setup is a lot stronger than buy setup!
Bulls need to break that 1269 sub transition to get back up!

We have a great setup where - Heading towards daily ( level from market trend pointer ) is right at Sub transition!
Creating nice blocking setup to go short!
Although MHI ( market heading indicator ) is 1$ lower at 1268, and it may be that gold goes down from that level as it aligns with main transition, but I will be patient and wait for 69 to enter, and I hope I wont regret it.


P.S - This trade will be TP open with SL on BE as it goes down ( if goes )
Kommentar: People asking over and over again! What do I trade!

Like I said my trading strategy and knowledge uses only JAFR. Nothing else!
Here is small article on it:

Transitions are nothing esle than Fibonacci levels and Pivots.
But they are calculated using JAFR and Time from Clock.

You take price, and you take time from clock ( without seconds ) Let's say Price is at 1260.00 and time is 12:00. You use 1 Hour ahead it would be 01:00. So you have two parts 1260 and 0100, you apply Gold constant number 28 on it, some other JAFR formulas and you get = price, that you put on chart. It is very complicated, and I know 5% from all I should know, so I am still learning. But real JAFR masters that know 100% of JAFR, can be considered as a Holly Grail! Unfortunatelly they don't spend time in chats, forums, and don't share signals with fellow people!
So I have still a lot to learn.. that will take years! But I'll be there some day!

As well this software is all built on JAFR:
I hope I answer your question!
Kommentar: As well you should have knowledge of how Quant Math works! Quant Mathematicians pick this up a lot better. Random People don't understand the Idea behind JAFR. So If you are in friends with math on Quant level you can be the lucky one and understand the picture of what is going on around it!
Trade ist aktiv: Damn, I like risks! I used Sub Transition NR2 at 1266 to go long with TP 1269. Scalp long that could bring quick 800$. Be careful!
Kommentar: It is trying to break Sub Transition ( blue line ) wow...
Kommentar: Gold, brother.. too early ...
Kommentar: Market broke transition downwards but because of HTD level being upside it was not able to go down without testing it first. Now it broke transition upwards, and now if it tests it back 1266.00 I will be careful with short at 1269. Because it will not be obligated to test 1269 if it breaks it upside.

Kommentar: For now Transition was broken and now tested! If this moves up from here.. well... It may smash 69, and we may get Scenario nr 1.
I am holding my long that I risked to take at 1266
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Closed Long position at BE! Waiting for better confirmations to see direction!
Kommentar: After doing deeper analysis!
I have 1261 as a target from yesterdays Transition levels!
That said I closed my longs and I am flat now!
If we break 1266.00 downwards and go down to 1261ish area I would go long from there!
For now flat!

Kommentar: Well, Gold was waiting for me to close long position! Bastard!!!
Kommentar: We came to Sell stage 1. I advice you to be patient and pass this for now! Let's move our Sell stage 1 below sub transition nr 2 and see will gold reach Sell stage 1! Which now become risky because market comes from Sub transition nr2. ( tested it )
Kommentar: Sell limit @ 1269.7 placed!
Although I am not sure anymore because of 1266.00 and what it did... Trade this signal on your own risk! I was not thinkinh that it will break 1266.00 first before going up... that being said.. 1266.00 deleted risk free chance! Now it is not risk free because after break it will not be obligated to come back to 1269 thus giving no chance to close it at BE if smth goes wrong.
Kommentar: I know there are people that do everything I do! And that you longed when I posted update here about 1266 long. If you hold it. DO ONT close it at 1269. Open hedge sell there that why locking the profits.. look price action.. if 1269 broken ( clean break with consolidation ) close short and keep cruising long.
If you don't know what that means.. then stop investing!
Kommentar: If clear rejection and downward movement.. close long in profit and place BE at entry!
Kommentar: People stop PM'ing me on emotional note saying maybe it is time to enter here, I see reversal! If you see reversal, maybe you're on 1min TF.. Turn it off.. so candles don't look so big to you!
Wait with patience and stop calling it is short right now. Short it can be only if it goes down and clean break of 1268.1 happens. Stop these emotions. If it goes down.. Good.. No entry good!! Sometimes no position is the best position!
Kommentar: When Gold triggers Sell entry at 1269.7 at that point I am looking for it to go down to sell transition to test it.. if so.. Moving SL at BE.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: At the moment this is not looking good at all for bears!
Transition behaviour!

First it deleted 1266.00 and made sure it has no things to do there.. got up to second transition 1268.1 broke it upwards but came back to test it BEFORE it reached 3rd transition 1269.7..
It just deletes all sell setups.. and this behaviour reminds me a Flyday!

I have remowed Sell pending from 1269.7 and if it goes up to 1269.7 I will not be selling there.
That being said, I am flat now, and will see the next opportunity!
If it does the same behaviour with 1269.7 breaks up and comes back to test it, I have a feeling that gold will be serious about breaking 1276 today.
Be carefull guys!
I will update if I spot something, but discipline is discipline!
Kommentar: I placed the Sell limit back at 1269.7. I do this only because of Transition target that was not seen 1261. It is a high risk Sell, so I will use SL on this one!
The only thing saying it could go down is 1261, nothing else! So from here it is a 50 / 50 chance after it deleted all confirmations!
Be very very careful!
Trade ist aktiv: Sell executed!
Kommentar: Close the sell on 1269 test back!
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: This is what you get when playing against transitions! You get REKT right away! I told you that all in Updates above, that this is looking bad, but there is a chance maybe! You just had a chance to close the Sell, it tested transition!
Kommentar: As of now you had 3 chances to close at BE. As of now it has big chance to fly up!
Now to enter back we need break back below 1269.7.
Kommentar: By checking the calculations H is 1270.62.. Transition is 1269.7.
It cannot be counted as a clear break above! So I would say Sub Transition is not broken yet!
Kommentar: Okay hold tight!! We may short this just before news! Do not open positions now.... those who have trading strategy / plan.. trade according to it.. those who gamle.. wait for clear signal! I'll update!
Trade ist aktiv: I was holding my short with SL at 1272. Said you to get out just to save you if something goes wrong! Like I said Transition was not broken. Needed little higher.
I will hold my short at 1269.7 open!
News That come out should hit this down, and we should see Daily swing TP 1261.
If gold falls down and smashes 1268.1 and does not test it, we will look for buys later tomorrow!
That being said - I am holding short here!
Risky, but I do!
Kommentar: Hello traders! I had a long sleep. I was exhausted fully because I didn't had a normal nap for long time!
Well this idea and trade took little away from me, but gave it all back on the drop! I took the profit and got to sleep!
Let me see whats going on and publish for Friday!
Kommentar: Okay, I read PM's and comments.. And I think a lot of people act like Kid.
You talk like it was flying up 10$ in a second!
It moved 3 dollars way from 69..
You have to plan your trading on Price action!
Yes I was in sell.. My SL got hit at 1272... I reentered right away, made back and gained profit and closed the chart!
I just cannot give you good trades all the time.. sometimes it is tricky and hard... it takes a lot to plan a trade and monitor how it works! If you think it is simple, well okay.
There is nothing BIG yesterday..
Yes I should not close the buy at 1266.00.. Yes I should not use SL at 72 etc etc..
But cmoon people it is hard and tricky sometimes!
Man, don't even worry about those people and I hope you don't get stressed out because of them. Gosh, I can't stand people in TV who follow other's trading without thinking or making their own plan. Worst thing is they don't shut up when things go wrong. -_-
TheZabisyu lluriel
:D.. They feel like Boss, and they come and ask question to employee like I am employee and they are BOOS.. hahaah
looks crazy complicated - but interesting!
Someone just dumped a bunch of contracts
TP, did you look at silver? It's funny, you can predict the movements of Gold through silver today. Whenever Silver droped, gold followed a minute or two later. We can see silver lost hours of gains in 30 minutes. I think this will confirm bearish in gold as well.
It's going back to 1269... the real question being, will it continue down with the next news release in 40 minutes or will it go back up.... ?
blown accounts scenerio
TheZabisyu richiedinc
You talk like it did a huge move and is at 1290! Grow up!
richiedinc TheZabisyu
cause of risk free...
dont get pissed off like your works
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