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The recent geopolitical tension between USA and North Korea with allies China & Russia reminds of history 69 years ago, around 1949, after the end of war II - 1945 (72 years ago). if this is a cycle then 1999 and 2008 are sub-cycles (for 18 Years & 9 Years at least based on my view). Will the old history be repeated again ? I do not know, because there are words of wisdom say history will always repeat itself. There is nothing absolute, regardless whether true or not it will happen, I can only approach the chart.

As my previous analysis, I see that the pattern of 2013 & 2016 has a little bit difference. Based on my view, the 2016 pattern is formed with a tendency to make an reversal upward in the bull market, where the fall in price from $1375 high 2016 does not damage $1046 low 2015 (Making Higher Low).

It could be possible, if I see the tendency of selling pressure from the previous chart history, where in 2013, after the end of 63D time span, the selling pressure occurs $90 at week-2, at the beginning of 2015 it occurred $58 at week-1 and then at the end of 2015 it occurred $30 at week-2. Meanwhile in 2017, selling pressure occurs only $24.

Because this week the price is dealing with FOMC and NFP, the question is, whether the selling pressure will occur at week-3 ?, Or the bull is ready to throw back the price upwards ? No one knows it, all just a prediction.

From the Daily Time Frame, the current price is seen still moving above DMA-50 and DMA-200 and based on the previous historical approach, the golden cross occurs around 182D. Will the golden cross be repeated in 182D time span as well ?

Who knows…
I'm just waiting, if the bull will throw up and the golden cross will happen or not, with the level to be watched around $1250/40, because this is just looking for the related things, according to the title "ConnectinG".

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