Daily bullish gartley

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
1894 16
Gold completed a daily/weekly bullish gartley .
I'm targeting a bearish shark around $1347/1350.

I took long at 0.786 retracement of the gartley at $1237
Trade ist aktiv
Kommentar: Took some profit on 67.
Shorted the Daily kijun, expecting a retracement to 1248/49.
Kommentar: Bearish 5_0 in H4 TF - TP1 1248.5
Kommentar: Took some profits on first TP of the Gartley (0.382 of 1D) at $1282.
Out from previous short, re-took some short (avg $1280), expecting retracement (1249/50)

Kommentar: Hi,
All shorts (avg $1292) closed in losses at $1296.
I took some profit at $1311 and finally close my long at $1321 and short triggered (SL 1325).
This idea is still in play, but this rise has no volume and i don't like it.
Gold hitted the 0.707 retracement and, in general, is a good point for reversal.

eg. trump's election

And now.

Moreover $1321 is aligned with $1180 and $1047 in the Gann's square of 9.
So, i'm not too greedy, this long at $1237 gave me some good pips.
But, retracement is maybe on the table.

First TP at 1295/1300
Kommentar: Short strategy for short-term retracement has failed.
SL short hitted at 28.5 / Long 28.5 - Waiting completion of initial idea.

If gold hits the PRZ (1347/1350), i'm expecting a retracement to $1292 at least (5-0 bullish pattern) / or better, $1249 to complete a Bullish Bat.
In both cases, Gold is on bullish mode in this early days of 2018. In Mid-term, we could see $1430 and $1530. Time will tell.

Long-term view
Bearish Butterfly at $1530 -> Return to normal ? / Big Short ?

Kommentar: Near PRZ at $1247.
Long closed at $1242 / Starting to short SL above $1250
Kommentar: Pattern completed. Add short $1247. All SL above $1250.

Expecting a 50% retracement to complete a likely bullish 5-0.
Kommentar: Extended Shark still active.
Target bullish 5-0 + Weekly kijun around $1300

Kommentar: Likely H&S / TP $1288 / 0.618 retracement

Ähnliche Ideen

you can find small beaerish butterfly point XA projection at 1349, the range still valid. it contain 1.618AB=CD which point at 1350.70. Lets gooooooo by first tp is 1313.13 :) Wish you all luck

Husain_Khalaf Husain_Khalaf
@Husain_Khalaf, its not perfect tho :)
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Husain_Khalaf Husain_Khalaf
@Husain_Khalaf, the pattern will take longer to turn around as the Dollar index still show weakness :) patience
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nice one, pixi
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pixi faylee
@faylee, thx fay !
We are there..! I grabbed this swing from 1234..! TP 1346. A few $ away from the TP however booked 100$ move profit
Well done! :)
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pixi Bandarsq
@Bandarsq, thx, bro ;)
Hello pixi

Can you surely tell me which direcrion on gold?
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