Weatherford H&S! Good for 15%?

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In the longterm view we see a bullish wedge .
These days the stock tested the bottom of this wedge . From then on, a big up-move appeared - the stock jumped from 4,75 - 5,89 - made 23% within 4 trading sessions. A consolidation followed which let the Price drop to 5.30. Yesterday the stock jumped from this Niveau under volumpressure. The right shoulder was formed. (or a classical 1-2-3 Long-pattern --> for further Information please have a look at

Now i see the H&S Chance which is good for round about 1$ or 15%.
-Stoppbuy could be the neckline (or "2") @ 6$.
-SL could be near below the last LOW (ricght shoulder or "3") @ 5.3
-TP could be the projection of the H&S @ ~ 6.88 (this Level is also corresponding to the 61,8% fibo-retracement or the open Gaps bottom which acts as a resistance.

If youl like my Analysis please feel free to like it :-)

Good luck

Kommentar: H&S is triggered, the stock nearly touched the gaps bottom.Now i exspect a Retest of the neckline
Kommentar: TP reached -faster than a speedy bullet! Cheers
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht
Kommentar: Again a longchance ? Trying to catch the retest of the former breakoutlevel at 6,05
Kommentar: soon a hard landing?
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