#Wirecard - To take the cake #WDI #becreative #DAX #DAX30

Since Corona,
some life has come back to the House of DAX .
Well, Wirecard CEO Braun has been a red flag to many investors for a long time and so the DAX-listed (till July?) company or the auditors of EY Ernst & Young surprised the market by reporting that 1.9 billion euros in escrow accounts could not be properly verified. After all, that is 1/4 of Wirecard's balance sheet .
Since the balance sheet is unlikely to be ready by mid-July, investors should take care that loans worth EUR 2 billion could then be cancelled (another 1/4 of bs).
This means that the current discount of 50% is ok.

However, if the loans are extended, the situation could become calmer again.
But who knows what surprises CEO Braun will come up with again.

Nothing for cowards.
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