$USD v $SGD: S/T Bearish; L/T Bullish; 50% Support At #fibonacci

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In the most immediate terms, $USDSGD is expected to meet significant headwinds at 1.46884, although the Predictive/Forecasting Model, perceives a possibility of a more proximate bearish entrenchment at the 1.43398 mark.

In the longer-term (L/T) prospect, the Predictive/Forecasting Model defined the following qualitative targets:

1 - (L/T) TG-Hi = 1.53511 - 04 SEP 2015


2 - (L/T) TG-Hix = 1.57801 - 04 SEP 2015


In the most immediate term, I would pay particular attention to the aforementioned 1.43398 and 1.46884 marks - These targets are defined as Qualt-Target and Quant-Target, respectively, such that:

1 - (S/T) TG-Hi = 1.43398 - 04 SEP 2015


2 - TG-1 = 1.46884 - 04 SEP 2015


If price BACA > 1.43398, then give it a chance to express an internal Elliott Wave 5th wave extension up to 1.46884, a level at which bears are expected to significantly push price back.

If price reaches that level, a Fibonacci retracement to its 50% level should be considered, based on concurrent structural levels in the 1.31653 vicinity, which would represent 1st wave completion (not shown) in terms of Elliott Wave development.


In terms of occult geometry, there is room here to consider the possibility of a Geo expression, with its 5-point plots defined as follows:

1 - 1-2 Leg remains a reciprocal ab = cd symmetry. For those familiar with the Geo , Point-2 described in this particular Geo is adjusted as a departure point. True Point-2 remains a the base of the Geo . A similar adjustment is made for Point-4 wherein the departure from termination of Elliott Wave's point-2 serves as an adjustment to this Geo's Point-4, whereas the true Point-4 would rest where the current Elliott Wave's 4th wave correction is defined - More on these adjustment in subsequent lessons.

2 - 2-3 Leg remains a complex Elliott Wave DZZ or TZZ. In reference to the adjustments just mentioned, you will see that the true Point-2 ("T2") and Point-3 would be connected by a zz-imp-zz internal construction, or simply a DZZ.

3 -3-4 Leg is typically a simple Elliott Wave ZZ, as in this particular case.This is also the point of repose of TWO discreet, but important technical events:

a -- The Geo's Point-1 falls in line with Geo's Point-4

b -- Point-1 of the Geo represents a higher-degree EW Wave-1 termination level in line with a lesser EW wave-4 termination level. Expect this level to be re-visited as we move forward, which is what the "Model" defines as a strong structural level of support.

Note that as price crosses above the 1-3 Line, Point-5 receives validation, but an ectopic point-5 as 5' is more probable.

An alternate pathway would otherwise offer the following possibility:

In this particular case, the Geo would take into consideration a reaction to the most proximal TG-Hi = 1.43398 target, the expected support at 50.0% Fibonacci = 1.31653, and a reactive rally to complete Point-5 of the Geo at the longer-term TG-1 = 1.46884.


Limited upside potential in the most proximate timeframes. A foreground Predictive/Forecasting Model is net bullish in the longer frames, but warns of a significant pullback at finer granular frames. Heed the Geo's plots as a probable mechanism of transition between these S/t and L/T frames.


David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Durango, Colorado - USA


David Alcindor

Kommentar: 29 OCT 2015 - Twitter/LinkedIn Update:

$USDSGD moves as forecast; Hit, reversed from 1.433 target; Expecting 0.386 #Fibonacci then up:

$USD $SGD #forex

David Alcindor
Kommentar: 29 OCT 2015 - Chart Update:

No change here. Retracement (not reversal) remains a high-probability:

David Alcindor
Hi David.. any further update on this usdsgd pair?
Hi David. Do you still expect the price to retrace further to 1.34 level, or should we expect the continuation of uptrend from here? given the price has reached the new 5 year high
Hi David. Any update again? :)
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Hello @ccake28 - So far, it looks like price will tend towards the lower levels.

In the WEEKLY chart, price might come neared Point-4. In the DAILY chart, I would keep the three Fibonacci levels as probable targets for now.

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ccake28 4xForecaster
David, thanks heaps for always taking your precious time to reply. Ur analysis are genius, yet u r so generous in sharing them. I really appreciate it!
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Thank you @ccake28 for taking the time to grit through all of these writings. I very much appreciate your readership.

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4xForecaster muslim_islam14
Hello @muslim_islam14 - Sorry, I cannot open links. Got too much trouble in the past.

Feel free to capture a chart and post it here.

If I can help you do that, let me know. If you have trouble with it, let me know what chart you seek to post, and I will format it for you to handle it afterward.

Let me know how I can help.

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Thanks so much David!
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You are very welcome - David
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