DOWN DOWN DOWN.. Wait... Really?

FX:USDCAD   US-Dollar / Kanadischer Dollar
Hello Guys, Hope you all are watching the pair closely! Here is something which I want to share with you guys! There are three possible things which can happen at this current point. First we may see a new pattern (actual pattern) here if price show price action and don't break the YELLOW TRENDLINE in today or tomorrow's close! In that case we will see a short move up again! 2nd is that we may see a lower degree correction under the WHITE DOTTED TRENDLINE and then we will see further fall. 3rd: It will break directly from here which is not looking good according to current price action *but we still have time so can't say anything at this point.*

Conclusion: If price show price action here then we may see a actual new pattern here which means we may see a move up. OR we may see a further fall i.e. can be after a lower degree correction or it can be a direct fall.

Hope it will help you a bit!

Happy Trading
Good Luck
Kommentar: So as per Possibility-1 (which I wrote in description) we got breakout of inside trendline before breakout of bottom trendline. So we will see a move up.


when pattern is so obvious, everybody thinks it will fall and enter the trade, it's the time for big players to get in...
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WaveExpert hao.deng.m
very right. Ppl got trapped in emotions and take trades at the wrong position without confirmation. @hao.deng.m,
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So it is very simple. Either UP or DOWN . Simple as always.
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WaveExpert waterman
yeah its simple as always :) @waterman,
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Good point! Had a similar idea, but time to reconisider:
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WaveExpert Nightfish
That's quite nice. :) @Nightfish,
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Good point... another possibility
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WaveExpert vmanena
Yeah that's a possibility! Good one! @vmanena,
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I thought this was a complex correction as i am expecting it to finish wave 11 and then go all the way down
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WaveExpert milad_fx
Ahaan! hope it helped! @milad_fx,
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