Ubiq (UBQ) Great Safe Opportunity (900%+ Potential)

BITTREX:UBQBTC   Ubiq / Bitcoin

Ubiq             (UQB), after falling continually, forever, this coin found support at the same level it was in March 2017. Wow. It isn't going any lower.
"Time to trade. Let's trade"... That's what the chart is telling me.


- The Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ) is giving a strong bullish signal.

- This coin is already oversold, according to the RSI . Which tells you two things; it can't be oversold anymore, as it has been oversold, and that there is plenty of room for growth.

- The MACD is giving one of the strongest, most reliable and famous signal: Positive divergence. Plus the soon to come crossover.


*Previous All Time High (ATM) = 0.000937
*I don't need any more indicators, I like this set up.
*Basically no volume on Bittrex.


Buy-in - 0.000111 - 0.000151

Stop-loss - 0.000100

Targets - (For targets, from now on, we will use a range)

Short term targets:
(1) 0.000249 - 0.000285

Main targets:
(1) 0.00028 - 0.00031
(2) 0.00039 - 0.00044
(3) 0.00057 - 0.00064
(4) 0.00089 - 0.00099
(5) 0.00138 - 0.00155 (New ATH             )

If you are one of my followers and you like my trade ideas, then don't miss this one.
The chart is speaking clearly, it is saying, "Hey I want to help me, come trade me". (Just kidding).

Trade safe and diversify.
Stay positive and strong.
Oh My God, I can't believe it...

Kommentar: Thumbs up to @Bass86, for leading me in the right direction.
Trade ist aktiv: Still within buy-in range. Trade active and already in the positive.

- All indicators, from TD Sequential, EMA, MACD, RSI and STOCH are showing bullish signals. So that's 5 indicators.

- The trend that is picking up. So consider this trade as a possible huge potential winner after it takes off.

1 Day chart:
Kommentar: Keep the same stop loss here.
Trade ist aktiv: The action starts today, huge green candle and super bullish signals!!

Kommentar: I am closing my UBQ position and will revisit later.
You can either close or hold.

Hold can last from several days to weeks depending on how Bitcoin does.
Trade ist aktiv: This coin is getting ready. Position yourselves.
Kommentar: We are going for the first target. All the UBQ holders, wake up and join the action.

Kommentar: I was going to do an analysis on the UBQ chart, but I think that it speaks for itself, right? Look...


Trade ist aktiv: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the prices drops.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
Kommentar: Main targets:
(1) 0.00028 - 0.00031
(2) 0.00039 - 0.00044
(3) 0.00057 - 0.00064
(4) 0.00089 - 0.00099
(5) 0.00138 - 0.00155
Kommentar: Main targets:
(1) 0.00028 - 0.00031 ( *** target reached *** @ 0.00029)
(2) 0.00039 - 0.00044 ( next target )
(3) 0.00057 - 0.00064
(4) 0.00089 - 0.00099
(5) 0.00138 - 0.00155
Kommentar: First target = 100% profits. So... Perhaps you found this analysis really useful, and you might, Yes or No, want to support me. Please do so...

Your support, tips/donations/gifts, are highly valued and appreciated. NOW AND ALWAYS.

Your gift will support more fully updated and strong, safe, simple, positive and profitable trade... ideas, designed and described specially for ease, of use... YES... and for those that do not have the time to do the research and analysis themselves.

Perhaps, you want to send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether or any other coin now, any amount, if you want to... and if that is what you would like to do... now.

All help is highly appreciated, by me, and YOU, because you know that many people can benefit from these ideas.

Use the following addresses to send your TIPS / GIFTS:

BTC: 1FuixEqRubccPr9RxZpFTRAzXhwS4j2Qh3
BCH: 1QHoxyb6eWeTUJQ7umFUSKcCZCGckfx14H
LTC: Ldqto38KKv2wibUBqdaEYN6k7EDMAfBbqm
ETH: 0xb0212a2338eaebd110adc5ca254e23396cc88cd2
ETC: 0x7374fccf45b20f68f444b654402c22246165a366
UBQ: 0x6d24db07bf861d6cbf90196b1ca107af75b532a0

Note: If your favorite coin is not on the list, send me a message and I'll send you the address for the coin you want to send now.

Thanks for the tips / gifts / donations.
Kommentar: UBQ Main targets:
(1) 0.00028 - 0.00031 ( *** target reached *** @ 0.00029)
(2) 0.00039 - 0.00044 ( *** target reached *** @ 0.000438 on 29th Dec.)
(3) 0.00057 - 0.00064 ( *** next target *** )
(4) 0.00089 - 0.00099
(5) 0.00138 - 0.00155
Kommentar: We are doing really good on this trade. Old trade, needs an update.

We are in good profits. Which is always great.

The daily chart is going sideways, this is good, this is a signal of accumulation. We went up and then remained in the retrace/consolidation process for 2+ weeks. The charts are telling a bit longer is needed for the next run. We are on a good place for a new entry point. I will see if I can update this trade.

Here is the chart:
Kommentar: I am holding this and every other trade.
We are in a market wide correction, and for this we halted trading for a few days.

Bitcoin bounced from support and right now we are waiting to see if this support level will be re-tested.

We need to allow a few more days to know how things will turn out. To get better and stronger signals.

The altcoins are looking better now but still have a way to go.
For now, we hold patiently. We hold strong.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you!
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Huge profits here as well. Thanks for your continued support.

I am closing this trade idea and will revisit this coin in the future.

If you are holding long you can still hold and follow the targets above. You can also wait for the new trade idea or sell for profits. Your choice.

Namaste. - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


- Tips - BTC: 3FDZqRkxPqWZJ61m3N3qHKhawL4whbaGFS
why are you closing every trade manually with giving any specific reason? what happened?
MedinTrade Shobhit77
@Shobhit77, retirement time, he made enough money to enjoy coconut water all year long in Thailand...
Shobhit77 MedinTrade
@MedinTrade, seems so
MedinTrade Shobhit77
@Shobhit77, and still get passive income from his membership groups too so it is a very good time to end a good run...
fredli74 Shobhit77
@Shobhit77, I think Alan is spitting out more ideas than he can manage, there are only 24 hours in a day. But it's quite simple. If you joined early, you should have already made back your investment. At this time there is not clear enough if this will go another 2x or 5x. It's now up to you if you wanna hodl the coins you have left or sell off.
+1 Antworten
Could you make an update on this coin!! Best pick for 2018 according to 21 Cryptos magazine :D:D
Hey mister Alan. Do you have any updates on this analysis?
Right now, btc is so risky anything could crash so id rather wait for btc to settle in
Thanks for update. I was just about to buy STORJ, but think I will go with this trade instead. Much Thanks!
update please @alanmasters
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