Tesla resists popular short selling

There is a trader in my surrounding who prefers to open short positions on every single baerish news Telsa produces in its long storyboard of unwanted failures. To be honest, of course every single negative news offers a big impact since Musk is more and more important on stage which unfortunately puts the marketing above the product and thus the newsflow is slightly overrated. :(
Compared to other car producing competitors the high unique selling feature of e-mobility combined with futuristic design will be omitted in the longer term and many new companies will make Tesla appear like a dinosaur until Mr Musk gives us the ultimative flying Model 4. ;)

In the medium term I've got the opinion the stock had several dips and the higher highs between 240$ and 300$ should support the market for the 400$ target BUT I was wrong when I supposed this earlier this year and in the meantime there were several car crashs and really evil leaks on the security policy of the company. Even if this happens in other companies as well it was not helpful to be bullish on this pick :(
Kommentar: Musk wants to go off exchanges @420$
@eIonmtuk: HODL!
ICO for Tesla might follow
Same Autor, one year earlier - just read the comments please.

jjkljkl SwissView
@SwissView Sry Sir, I don't get it... you see compare your analysis before one year of a target for 185% and compare it to an maximum target of 28% for a newer idea than yours, the 185% of your idea is still unfilled for your followers, my 28% didn't come either, what's your point aside from scaming my idea with your old stuff????? :))))))))))))))))))

never the less this author isn't on stocks anymore just on crypto permabaers way

better do you own research instead of compiling and posting others stuff ;)
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