Blood in the streets! It's buy time.

Cryptoland has been brought back to reality.
I'm in buying mode.


Tron has never been my favorite coin, as some of you may now. I believe this is the first time I am touching it, atleast for more than a day.
I don't know that much about Tron, and I have always felt it was overvalued. Though I still think its overvalued and would have liked to get a better entry, I believe today is a good day to buy TRX .

I am looking to double the money I put in here, and get out.
So therefore I'm rather gonna write about the overall market in this idea, because that's the reason I am purchasing some TRX today, not the coin itself.

And the overall market has been bad. The marketcap of cryptoland has been sliced in half!
I did not see it coming the way it did, but it's far from surprising. We have had constant gains across the board for a year, with only minor corrections.
Nothing continues to go up forever, and we have been brought back to reality.

Some of you might wonder why I have stayed bullish all the way through this crash, and never sold out anything.
If you are a member of Koinworld you may have seen that I bought a house just recently. And this is the reason for the permabull in me.
I took out 80% of my cryptoholdings, and put the rest in a 20 coin portfolio with no cash reserve. When I did so, I also decided to always stay bull with the portfolio. Always hold 20 coins.
So I got really lucky this time, but I would like to note that I would have done things completely different the last months if I still had 100% of my cryptomoney.

Anyways, so, where are we going from here?
I think we are finished with the crash (or atleast not far from it), so today I have injected some capital and picking up 5 coins on firesale!
TRX is one, and I'll post the other 4 for Koinworld members.

There is never any guarantees, but I can assure you that today we are getting some good risk/reward buys :)
Buy when there's blood in the streets.

I'll try to get some of my trade ideas updated today as well :)
Kommentar: There we go :)
Kommentar: Tron is the big winner today! Doubled against the dollar :)

Still some room for profit I believe, but selling out on a 100% gain for the day is never a dumb thing!

Kommentar: Tron looking ready to pop! Let's see what happens this week
Have increased my target area a bit :)

Kommentar: It did not! Want to get out of TRX, preferably in the green:

Kommentar: Just sold TRX at 0.0515 USD. Barely in the green, up 3%.
Not that into it, should have sold when it doubled. Live to learn :)

Agreed. I don't publish my chart :# was too late to notice it.
@bigLITTLE, I hate you.
hard to believe this because while such a market wide correction is on ...this aint moving
Kryptokelly RaunakDagar
@RaunakDagar, Hmm, dont understand.
Nice chart, great analysis!, what are your thoughts about Tron's First Beta version on march 31?

Btw if someone is interested in daily crypto talk feel free to join the discord with over 100k+ members at this time
And if you don't mind please vote up this suggestion on COLX :)
@AegonZ, Thanks Aegon! Appreciate the feedback.

My thoughts are hype and target reach, have not looked deeply into it.
100k? Wow, maybe I should pop in as well :)
thanks mate
@hebbsh, Np! :)
Nice, am I to optimistic?
Kryptokelly WealthMurphy
@WealthMurphy, More optimistic than me, but it's within reason so could very well happen! Good luck mate :)
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