TRX (3rd time trying to publish, having difficulty lol)

445 7
Bought in TRX at 310 when XVG news went sour. Nice 50% retrace entry point from previous pump. Trade is 2-3 days.

1. Cheap $.05 coin
2. #2 in volume so it gets eye balls
3. Brand new investors from Coinbase for first time to get on Ripple like cheap coins =)
4. Very Litecoin $80 ish .. =)
5. Pattern is no sub $.05 coins left =) aka PoE and some others..
6. Thank me later RC
Kommentar: Sorry guys. I publish and it doesn't appear in my profile so I have no idea if this thing is live and public or not. But anyways, figured I'd make my breadcrumb trail since I am new to this particular community. But not to crypto =)
Kommentar: Should do a mini double top at 392 and have trouble crossing.. dip to 367ish.. then consolidate for an hour or two.. then time to GO!
Kommentar: Err.. sorry.. bounce off 380 ish. then consolidation for a few..
Kommentar: Bounce off 398 one more time, dip to 355ish.. then this is the consolidation I was looking for. Should last 3-4 hours then the expected pump.
Kommentar: I sold at 460. I think it's going to take a breather and cool off a bit. I'll update if I buy back in. This coin has plenty of juice left to $.08 or more.
Kommentar: Possible re-entry set for 379ish. I think this goes into a possible cup & handle pattern over the next day.. depending on news release from them; this coin could 1.5x really fast.
Thx a lot. I sold at 436. Made 14% (I'm a beginner so I'm playing safe :p )
abd17mou albancaron
@albancaron, How do you fell now ?
albancaron abd17mou
@abd17mou, Luckily, last night I rebought at 631. Now I'm just wondering what to. Going +130%, then now down. Should I just HOLD for a few weeks ? :p
I confirm i see it. Followed your advice, lets see what will happen. What do you recommend as selling point ? :) Thanks.
dragon albancaron
@albancaron, has likely one dip left back to 367 or so and then consolidation for a hour or two then should take off. Unsure of the top yet. =)

Can determine that during the pump.. could either be a 10-15% rise, or it could be one of those real big ones. Hopefully the later..
@jamesfend, ok thx !
gkline dragon
@jamesfend, keep us informed as to target price! Appreciate your advice, upvoted and followed
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