TRXBTC The Chart Will Not Make Us Dissappointed

Hello traders, Here I have checked the 4H chart of TRXBTC!

The price has had a correction move, after short term bear trend

I predicted in my previous analysis and we got the price action!

After the short correction, the price is ready for a new up wave.

Since price has broken pitchfan support(1.00)

The ADX are showing the beginnings of a change of command from bears to the bulls.

I believe that price will find a true bottom @ 820-925

I am expecting an up move up to begin, to reach target of at least 1400.

If price successfully go level at 2000, price could extend further to the highs.

I will be updating this analysis if it exceeds 30 likes.

Trade ist aktiv: 30% of prosition entry 880
Kommentar: Let us see what will happen
Kommentar: 12 % profit hit in 30mins ,right?
Kommentar: Thank for the first 30 likes
I see the price just hit 820,we have good lucky
Control your position sizes
Kommentar: Good boy 1000 hit
Kommentar: The price running steady above the 880
Kommentar: I will hold the position
Kommentar: New Signal Alert...
ID: Jan 007
Open Order:BUY
Open Price:
Build 50% position at 0.00002180
Build 50% position at 0.00001500
TP 1:0.00003000 (Close 50% of position)
TP 2:0.00005000 (Close 50% of position)
Kommentar: The LENDBTC runn well, check the newest idea chart
Kommentar: I need to make a statement: my forecast is based on price action and volatility, not based on news , please investors control your risk
Kommentar: I need to make a statement: my forecast is based on price action and volatility, not based on news , please investors control your risk!
I do not know about the news of trx,the chart price action show the 880 is good entry price,so i posted the idea,Please don't post any news on it.
Tradingview is good place to share and learn technology analysis,if you want to take all profit just by follower on idea,i think you can not reach the goal.
So take care of you money,control your risky,for any investment,"live longer" is first rule!
Good Luck for all
This chart made me disappointed.
updates sir )
Great analysis and an update would be great.
+2 Antworten
Thanks bro, looking forward to a new update
+1 Antworten
A new update?
HJQI userbeauty
@userbeauty, done
+5 Antworten
Based on price action, I appreciate your analysis, especially the 2nd of the twice pinbar wig formed nicely near s/r level.
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