TRXBTC Ready for launch! 320% Rocket to the Moon

TRX is looking extremely bullish and is about to break it's down trend. Don't miss this giant wave!

- Take profits slightly below target levels.
- Set stop loss

If you made money with my calls, and want to sleep well at night, simply donate :):

BTC: 1EQuazVs5MHpcBrceUvKWwtmFBVpNn6hxw
ETH: 0x9746e2692bad3dc2da5c8d759e2d8c56af74e3d9
Trade ist aktiv: Tron still following downtrend for a little while till the market itself recovers.

- Tron has been listed on new major exchanges (31 jan)
- Tron has partner deals inc this week.
- Tron's absolute low is our stop loss (else it would break Elliot wave rules).
- Tron currently at the 0.786 which is a potential bounce area.

Watch closely people, time might be a little bit off due the market. The trade is NOT. Tron is still one of the best picks of Feb.
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht
Hi all, trade is closed stop is reached, i rebought at 405 SAT personally. The market is so unstable due BTC, which just influences alts to much. TRX will still reach those targets, but not within the projected timeframe. HODL if your stop loss didn't trigger.
update plzz
Big pump early and lots of negative stuff....just seems like there is some big names behind this kid. I’m waiting on some actual progress...still seems that the whales are trying to shake out more weak hands before they slam this thing.
Imho. Thanks for T/A
TradeMeisterX hardeight
@hardeight, to be fair, I think whales are stalling this intentionally to release it right after an important announcement. The wave will be huge, but you got to be humble and take profits early as it will collapse as fast as it rises.

TA + News + Rumors all suggest that it will be very soon.
The shill is real.
@rockajaw, Let me say first and foremost: I don't like Tron, and I won't recommend it to anyone long term as I don't trust the company based on their history.

However, my TA simply suggests a short term trend which can earn me and others money.

So no I'm not a shill, just following my TA.
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m2lovric TradeMeisterX
@TradeMeisterX, it's going down to 380
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DaniOnye TradeMeisterX
@TradeMeisterX, I am on the same thought as you too, i see potential for the short term but plan to bail soon as i can lol. I got in at 13 cents when i was yet to learn on EMA levels. Took a major self learn crash course and now realize my grave mistake ahaha but in learning i also know there is high potential to get my initial investment back and then some lol. There's too much tron hype for sure though.
rockajaw TradeMeisterX
@TradeMeisterX, I hope so TRX to me was a major pump and dump in early out early was the game for me i bought it around 600sats and bailed around 1k sats if i remember correctly. Did i lose out on profits yeah.. But a 80% gain was like ok ill take it lol. After seeing how many people just got blatantly railed on this coin it left a bad taste in my mouth hard. Ive bought this coin twice and profited both times but, still it seems to me the downward trend is more progressive and the news on it is low the only real chance it has coming up is the new listing on another exchange on the 31st if i remember correctly. But in the end there's no bad information it's what we do with the info that helps us all make money.
rockajaw rockajaw
I guess what I was just trying to say is 320% profit is kinda large to be looking for.
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