TRX almost forgotten coin


TRX has been forgotten by many and even though it seems that TRX is dead, I still think we have something waiting to happen soon.

I can't help to think about a very uncommon pattern called Dormant Bottom. The more that TRX continues in this almost flat road, the more it makes me think of this pattern.

I am waiting for some confirmation on the volume side of TRX existence and I will do some updates as more data comes in.

I don't really want to advice for a entry point but where else is TRX going to fall if it is not in this range.

Disclaimer: This chart is not intended to give any financial advice but to offer an educated opinion.

Enjoy the ride.

Kommentar: well TRX is doing something lol
Kommentar: Ok update time. Tron is getting to my sell target which is between 650 - 750. As of now I am trying to get free coins. I believe in TRX base on my studies.. THANK YOU ALL
Kommentar: As you can see, TRX has fallen back onto the trend line which means good news. I am still active on this. I still have free coins from the trades I have done. Good luck :)
Kommentar: you have to love this TRX lol. I dont know about you but it gives me very nice returns. :)

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it is not a coin just a fucking damn token :D
@asefe, I dont know the difference man. I apologize for my ignorance :\
asefe ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, No need to apoligize really , I dont think that it is important for TA
@asefe, not to me man. they all look red and green from my side lol
asefe ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, You're Goddamn right ! :D
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to people that call TRX Dead,i dont think its a good call for a coin with 4 month old that its come so far by now even in this bearish market,so we defenetly should wait for a huge upward move from TRX in march .
@ostadpepe, you know me man. I don’t post unless I think something is cooking. :)
+1 Antworten
ostadpepe ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, yeah for sure chartist,and i always use your charts and advices,i called people that name TRX without any TA and any infos just because its in Bearish trend
Zonita ostadpepe
@ostadpepe, @ChartsOnTime
I think the same, i am waiting a pump in march. I believe in june if the market cap grows trx about $0,50. What do you think?
@Zonita, I dont know but I really enjoy taking little 15 - 20% every time it gets bullish :)
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