TRVG - Don't Wait - TRIVAGO Long

Not a lot of history, so we have to look at the 1h. ON daily screen Connors 2 Period registered an extremely low 8, indicating oversold. ( yellow rectangle )There has been nice volume . On the hourly chart we have a bullish sash pattern that complete earlier today. TSI has moved up and crossed signal line.

Elliot wave count could be either starting new wave 1 as we have just completed A-B-C correction, or a larger view would have it as completing wave 2 of the next higher degree. Stop for short terms can be just below the completed candle. For a longer view, stop at 10.85 , as Elliot says wave 2 cannot retrace 100% of wave 1.

Short term target 12.24 for a quick in and out of about 4%. Long term can be much higher point B minimum.
Trade ist aktiv: TRVG has just the resistance level formed by the rising window candle back on 2/10. if we have a close on both the hourly and the daily charts above $12.25, well, your welcome. ;-).

We are starting wave 1 back up....1st target around 12.8
Trade ist aktiv: What kind of trader are you? Do you watch tips, news, stock twits, gurus, opinions? Or do you watch price and patterns. Today's price action on this stock is classsic.

"Hand wringing" with the accounting report. !!! "FRAUD"!!! "Sell off" !! !!! "Going to 5" Well why did it move back up then? ALL TECNICAL SIGNALS SAY BEARS ARE EXHAUSTED. BUY

Technicals scream this stock is oversold, We have a harmonic pattern completed, bullish candlesticks at support. Connors RSI belwo 10, Oscaillator signal cross. The whole bag. BUY

PLUS, a prefferred Elliot count has been labled and we are starting an impuise wave up . An Elliot rule, whcih cannot be violated, says wave 2 cannot retrace 100% of wave 1. Well, we came close today. But it didn't break the rule.We have just completed wave 2 and will go back up for the biggest move of this new impulse wave - wave 3 - minimum 1.618 of wave 1. That's the mid-term target. BUY

I am long and and thinking about loading up some more on this. Buying now, when sentiment is worst, is an excellent play. If price breaks down below 11.45, well then the count is wrong and we get stopped out, and we re-evaluate.

Love the Nison quote - "We can't predict what thew market will do. But we can act on what the market is telling us to do" The market is saying Buy.... And set a nice tight stop loss below 11.45 BUY

Tell me I'm me out of this trade. Here is what you need to know:

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