Time To Buy Europe. Now!

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If you follow the trading ideas here you might see that the sentiment for Europe is changing dramaticaly, obviously.

In the following days i will up date this trading idea for the ES50 with more information about the huge amount of cash wich Investors definitely draw out of Europe from January to October 2016. The number i remember was above a record 600 B Euro until June 2016 but it will be mutch higher all over the yerar 2016 fore sure.

Expect that a part of this money will return to Europe in the following month. This will push the most Major European Stockmarkets to new record highs. If you watch the trading ideas published here in December 2016 by me you will see that the stockmarkets in Italy, France, Germany and the EuroSTOXX 50 all showing the same pattern ( double bottom ) and might start now a new major bull market ---> right now.
Renzi? Who?

Do you remember Matteo Renzi and the completely break down of the Euro, the EU, the banks ....?

The Stockmarket doesn´t - and that´s for sure.

Watch this chart and see what happend in the last 9 Trading days. A new bull market is born same time US-Investors betting billions of US-Dollar on a Italy and EU to break down.

MAR 16 2017: The Bullmarket continues and still betting trader almost every day mostly on short positions.


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