BINANCE:SUBBTC   Substratum / Bitcoin
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Sub has a bright future so is a coin ill be paying close attention to in coming months.
I have noticed a possible trade here, Sub broke its overall downtrend recently and has been respsecting the 8000 sat support line for some time now forming a bear flag .
With BTC             nearing on completion of a head and shoulders there is a good chance of the market overall going bullish again, in which case we could start to see alot of bowl action across the board.
I expect some more sidways movement before closing in on the penant and trying for another break out, if we do there is 2 resistance lines that we may see some pull backs on, one around 10,000 sats             the other around 11,000 sats             .
If you can get an entry under or around 8000 sats             there is an opertunity for 20-30% profit. stops around 7500 for a rough 4.4:1 R/R ratio.
I will personally be loading up a bit at a target of 8000 sats             , if it breaks support i will most likely short it to the 6200 support for a 20% extra bag and hopefully ride the bounce, regardless im bullish on this coin to do well this year.

as always keep an eye on btc             as its moving to a critical turning point right now between 9000 and 9200 usd.

Kommentar: Sub hasnt played out the way i wanted how ever is following one of my predictions, couls ee a bounce now from 7200 to 8200 if btc moves sideways today, or it could go down to the next support at 6180, which will be a nice pick up for a long term hold imo
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