BINANCE:SUBBTC   Substratum / Bitcoin
SUB is very good long-term.
So its important to buy in deep. S
SUB prognosis are it can generate cca 500% profit in the end of year 2018 !

Many people forecasts, SUB fall to 6-7 cents in $ by 14 days...
But actual support level is quite strong. So Im not sure about, it will happen.
Feel free to leave your opinion : )

* This is not a financial advice.
Kommentar: SUB heading to MAYBE zone.
Kommentar: SUB needs cca 10% to MAYBE area. After that, I will wait what happen.
2 options :
1) Red candle will cross blue ray and close candle below line.
2) Makes reversal point . This will be a very strong support level and maybe best buy oportunity for longer term : )

Chinese lunar New year is on February 16th. I think, that is main reason of krypto crash now.
They will probably withdrawal profits 1-2 weeks.
We will see & wait : )
Kommentar: SUBSTRATUM done it ( you will see if click on playbutton rightside : ) .
For this level, buyzone is : 0.00006907-0.00007591 Satoshi.
But some predictions indicates, Bitcoin can fall in 1 week to about 8000$. In these situation, SUB can go down parallely to about 0.00004489 ! ( 0.4$ )
BTC influences most of crypto coins.
So be carefull and watch price closely : )
* Im not a financial advicer .
Kommentar: SUB fall into lower support and bounced back. A lot of professional traders said, the correction of BTC is probably not over. We will see after strong confirmation : )
Kommentar: My opinion. We hitted lower- double bottom, how I drawed. Ant i guess, we can go lower to the end of Lunar New year. We will see : )
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