POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Daily stochastic has crossed up from oversold. Watch for MACD crossover to confirm upward momentum.

Bitcoin price is starting to correct from its months long rally. Once Segwit2x hits and everyone gets their free money, the rush back into alts will send them soaring.
Kommentar: After reaching a peak of 573 on Nov. 9, Stellar has taken some time to consolidate. 4HR stochastic is climbing and MACD is at 0 and sloping upwards signalling a possible break above local resistance and another move up.

Kommentar: Congratulations to those who followed me on this trade - Stellar is really starting to climb now!

Tips are much appreciated ;) 19JPDzF6CGznkf2gp35DxUNvgNoSeMmiQE

Kommentar: I hope you guys caught this last wave because she was a nice 30-ish% move. Be cautious as we may see a correction soon.

I've been using Coinigy to plan my trades and was able to nail this last move. Just by drawing trendlines and finding the channels and where they intersect other trendlines I've been getting more accurate with my timing.


The green arrow on this chart I had put there the night before the move because of all the intersections I saw. Definitely paid off!

Kommentar: Stellar breaking out of consolidation phase - ready for next move up.

Trade ist aktiv: I've been really enjoying trading this coin - buying the dips and making some money!

i currently have 40,000 Stellar i purchased at 760 Satoshi, do you believe it will go way past that in the next month or so?
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@CRIPTOE, If the trend continues it should break that and even higher. Like I said in another comment, we already saw 850 just a month ago, and yesterday's high was like 575. People are looking to take profit and get out of BTC as it goes down so they'll go to either USDT/fiat or alts.
good job bro keep toking i love it :))
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@CRIPTOE, lol thanks bro. Feels good to finally have some bullish momentum!
Hope you are right!!!!!! Because I bought 300K Stellar at 600 satoshis each lol
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davedesigns DanielHatano
@DanielHatano, We had a spike to 850 less than a month ago so I'd say 600 is realistic.
BDBTC davedesigns
@davedesigns, now that segwit has been cancelled, has your analysis changed? Beautiful charts by the way, easy to read and accurate
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@BDBTC, Hey thanks! Analysis remains the same - alts will go up as BTC corrects. For how long I'm not sure but we are at historically very low prices for alts priced in BTC.
BDBTC davedesigns
@davedesigns, Understood and thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing more of your TA.
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