Stratis Trade Idea (70-800% Profits Possible)

BITTREX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
STRAT Long Timeframe Idea
FA part: 2018 is a big year for platforms in my opinion. Would love to see some other platforms getting more ICO's, competing with Ethereum             and it seems like Stratis is one of the biggest competitors. Doing some great jobs lately, but couldn't see any price movement.

What do we see on this chart (1D candles)?

- In this channel it's fairly undervalued.
- Slowly moving upwards and making higher lows
- RSI around 30-35 zone, moving upwards
- MACD stable, turning upwards and potentially indicating that it will become positive in the coming weeks.
- 7-8 red candles --> 9th             change --> indicating reversal from the last small drop
- no volume , but an insane volume during the last run up --> accumulation?

What do we see on the smaller frame?
- bounce on the green trendline + bounce on the earlier resistance line (red one), indicating we'll be reversing now.
- bullish rectangle --> possibly 100k sats             within a few days

So, coming to a conclusion. It's a fairly good price to buy right now. Given the fact that there's some pretty nice volume at the end of 2018, while the price was still fairly low, this gives me extra reasons. Prior to the earlier run up we've seen the same accumulation period. Gives me more confidence that we'll hit the target zones.

Plus it's in a nice uptrend channel , lying on the support from the previous sideways channel, obviously a great buy level.

Target areas:
1: 160K sats            
2: 250K sats            
3: 600K sats            

Could even end in some bigger profits, will keep on updating as it needs to break ATH             for that.

Want to see updates on this chart? Check my Twitter: https://twitter.com/MNPoppe
Posting daily charts on there with argumentation.
I’ve been sitting on Strat for close to a month, unfortunately I think we need some BtC help and stability before it materializes. I fully believe it will be an excellent pick this year but needs some me help.
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