Siacoin going to make a run at 1k tonight GL

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
1337 23
Siacoin repeat fractal breakout target 1k
Kommentar: not looking particularly great. Possibly bull trap. broke through support at 630 sats. More concerned with BTC possible dumping again. SC still in bull trend, but it doesn't look like it will go up today
Kommentar: sad day. Stopped out like I said I would at 630 to exit into usdt. It looks like once again bitcoin is raining on the altcoin party. I expect it to fall back to the trend line and next support level at 560-580 before resuming the bull run.
Kommentar: Or not, 600 sats price support held strong and seems like many buys going through all of a sudden. could be headed up from here.
Kommentar: Also bought back in
i will wait and buy back in at 560-580, thanks
BenjaminDeCock nanozeus99
@nanozeus99, 580 ??? u think he will drop so low again ?
ajdourgarian BenjaminDeCock
@BenjaminDeCock, It isn't so far away. It dipped below 600 for a minute even. That is where the trend line is, even if it drops that far it will likely push for ath sometime soon, just not now
BenjaminDeCock ajdourgarian
@ajdourgarian, ye but atm i see a lot of buy request compared to the sell request , i kinda wanne buy sc to , i was to late last time should i really wait for the 580 ?
ajdourgarian BenjaminDeCock
@BenjaminDeCock, If you want to buy, by all means, go ahead and buy. I think right now the smartest move is to sit in usdt until btc is done with this dump and then buy back alts which are currently falling, then you get double bounce back profits. Waiting to buy along the trend line may mean missing out, but it is also the best way to maximize risk/reward ratio
BenjaminDeCock ajdourgarian
@ajdourgarian, ye im waiting thanks mate :) also my dash is going good right now even with btc dump :)
ajdourgarian BenjaminDeCock
@BenjaminDeCock, dash is killing it lol. Actually though sia looking like it might turn around here, hard to say.
nanozeus99 ajdourgarian
@ajdourgarian, hi can you alert all of us here when btc finishes dumping so we can buy back in alts? thanks
ajdourgarian nanozeus99
@nanozeus99, I'm unsure whether we are finished with the dumping or not, but alts are all bullish, so you might want to consider buying in anyway and just hedging in btc. If btc has a clean break above the 2600-2650 zone, we're done, otherwise it could see another round of sadness. At this point it doesn't look so bad.
nanozeus99 ajdourgarian
@ajdourgarian, cool man thanks. what other alts look good to you?
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