Augur -- I want in!

POLONIEX:REPBTC   Augur / Bitcoin
Augur is an interesting coin. There are tons of coins out there touting the biggest, and best technology. This blockchain will save the fish! This blockchain will be an app-store for mobile phones! This blockchain is a virtual machine that will become skynet!

Ok. That might be a bit ridiculous.

There are coins looking to change how we do VERY OLD things.
I love the idea of Augur. It innovates in prediction markets.
Pleeeeeeasee! Call the duck a duck. This is a gamblers coin. This coin isn't to be bought because you're a gambler. This coin is literally, the coin which lets you gamble on ANYTHING you can imagine. Can you really say that technology has no place?

There are only a few things in this world older than that. We won't get into what they are...

I'm all in. (haha!) Augur is the blockchain's spin on gambling. If I could buy a keno machine and stick it on my front lawn legally, I WOULD DO IT. ... This is as close as I can get. But in the spirit of all good investments, we must analyze before we jump in. I'm looking to acquire, but I'll wait for corrections to bring me closer to seeing profits.

I've used A fib retrace to estimate the Elliot wave correction points. I've used fib resistance arc's to estimate the timescale and area of approach for the resistance, and the beginning of its fall.

Am I Right? Is AUGUR worth it? ...Will it fall at all, or is it on its way to the MOON!!
Kommentar: Looks like we guessed the start of the fall with accurately. Now just to watch the mentioned levels and see if we can get a good buy!
First, so what wave is that supposed to be exactly? Seems like heavy price manipulation to me. 2nd the platform is for basically gambling which I want nothing to do with. I play black jack every now and then and there's nothing wrong with it but I think there is really shady people in the gambling space. When you put these two together I think its not worth the risk. You really have no way of forecasting the price here
nukenowakowski joshwoodcock
@joshwoodcock, I don't think we need to be that wary of Augur. Their may be shady people in the gambling space, but that doesn't make this technology, or this mechanism less worthwhile. Casino Poker chips hold pretty good value regardless of how many shady characters there are.

I look to this to be a larger market - I don't think a widespread multi-game multi-facet usecase gambling tech like this will shrink from this point. I think there will be less investment, but a multitude more of actual gamblers looking to use the service.
wave pattern looks sketch
nukenowakowski joshwoodcock
@joshwoodcock, Please explain... that was awful quick!
nukenowakowski joshwoodcock
@joshwoodcock, awaiting your .... explanation.... of the etch-a-sketch comment
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