Caution with ReddCoin (RDD)! Why are you still holding?

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
ReddCoin was a money factory for those, who just went with the train. Unfortunately, it had the same pattern before. If we project the same pattern from before, then there will be a big crash. This would fit to consolidation after hugh pump just recently.

The indicators show the same pattern. They are still quite high.

The coin doesn't seem to have any serious development the next months. Only one at end of march which might also fit to downtrend.

Have luck
You are sad and you did not do your analysis correctly. Do you want to know why? for the simple reason that between may and december bitcoin jumped from 2k to 19.8k . If you look at the RDDUSD chart, you will see that it did not sink down in dollar terms, it remained constant until december jump, and that means the satoshi it lost in the chart above was compensated with increasing dollar value.

Idiot. Do not post garbage charts. do your homework first
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calumon asynat
@asynat, how is it going? Do you still think that I talked bs?
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KillerC calumon
@calumon, #Savage!! :))
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I believe that you're on to something here... Most of the predictions here are saying moon moon moon, so it'll probably do exactly the opposite. I've checked the recent graph movement and from 2nd Jan it looks like an inverse C&H with us now being close to the tip of the handle. It could then dip to one of the previous lows being 60 or 40 sat. Of course we must pay attention to BTC movements in the coming days as we still haven't seen that magic 8k mark so many people are talking about.

Nice graph and good luck!
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I really respect u, but in this speculative market I think this is going up.
calumon sidwayne
@sidwayne, thanks for your comment. Would you like to eloberate why you think so? I mean why the chart should go up now. How much should it go up? Why should it outperform upcoming bitcoin raises in such a manner that it would still go up a lot? This would give me valuable hints I could consider in my next analysis.
mindblock calumon
@calumon, Dreams and hopes, thats all
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Wrong production
You cannot use past progress as a predictive measure for the future when it comes to crypto. The only thing that your chart shows is that there was two large buy sessions followed by a sell off; except if you look at it, you'll see the sell off was much larger in May. You are also using the MACD chart from December following the Mcaffee pump, of course it's going to resemble the pump from May17'

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Crazy idea
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