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Descending channel has formed an inverted cup and handle . This signals a continued descending trend. Previous all time high was 66 so this is forming strong support between 66 and 80. The EMA 13 and EMA 34 show the cup pattern with little effort on my part. Once some volume picks back up and BTC settles over the next 12 hours I think we will bounce back. I Think we will hit the previous new All Time High again by New Years or the first week of 01/18. I will keep an eye on this and repost new targets with ideas on profit targets. I am still long on this coin!! Be patient if you bought in at 100 - 160 I see you recouping your investment and even some modest profit in the next 2 weeks. If BTC rejects this current uptrend which i think it will when the volume returns alt coins abroad will jump back up!
Kommentar: Could possibly be a bottom to this channel at around 82. I’ll let it run a couple 30 minute candles then update. Thanks for the comments. BTC is trading sideways. Lack of buying support is hanging BTC up and it may not reach 16750. Let’s see. That may help RDD
Kommentar: Just posted another chart update. Looks like a bullish flag has formed and its breaking out at 86 - 88. If the EMA cross and the MACD stays positive for a few candles we should see our upward moves. Ill post targets soon.
Kommentar: Breaking out finally. Selling pressure at 110 & 130. Should possibly slow down the up trend maybe a 10 satoshi dip at each spot. Ride this thing to 180 pulling no more then 5 to 10 % of your proffit until around there. Ill post some more specific targets in a few. Volume up and the EMA has crossed.
Kommentar: Remember to be patient. With low volume this thing is going to sawtooth its way up with 5 to 10 satoshi dips as this thing meets resistance on its way up.
Kommentar: Posted new chart with targets
I am promoting this coin like a mofo on this xmas holiday. Together we will get the price back up in the 140 range.

Show your appreciation for my time over the holidays.

RDD address: Ri8osYubKvjyazYjaCxm86Vy3RMNgvPk3J

May we share in the profits this new year together
vthokiee97 kj_crypto
@kj_crypto, Yes I have spent alot of time as well on this coin over the holiday. I would love to share some profit on this one with all of the followers in the new year. Thanks Kj
We would be doing great here if we could get one more shout out from mcaffee on this coin ha ha
vthokiee97 kj_crypto
@kj_crypto, Yes. It’s primed to fly like a rocket. When BTC pulls back in a few hours. This is a good coin the team has been a little slow adding to it in the last 12 months. Mcaffee brings a huge celebrity to its cause. I still think New A T H in the next few weeks is doable.
kj_crypto vthokiee97
@vthokiee97, I'm in the coin with 10% of my portfolio if it drops to 60 range I will add 20% more
I have a lot of faith in this coin. Social media is where it's at with the future
vthokiee97 kj_crypto
@kj_crypto, I agree. This is a long coin!! Everyone needs to be patient with it. I’m in 20% also. Will add more if it drops to 66
kj_crypto vthokiee97
@vthokiee97, Yep we are looking good at the moment. I will be holding this coin now til 400+
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