OmiseGo: The Clock Strikes Timely for Marketing Mania

BITFINEX:OMGBTC   OmiseGo / Bitcoin
This market seems to work like a round about. Each new cycle of Bitcoin sends some alts flying up faster than others. I think Gen 3 has gotten some serious pump. However, OmiseGo is has recovered quite nicely since its last pump. This vixen of a crypto seems ready to go at any minute and will be drawing former devotees back to invest once again.

There are cycles in crypto and OmiseGo will be part of the post-Bitcon-consolidation altcoin rally. Remember, with all the fear that Bitcoin is too slow to serve as a currency and too political to serve as a store of wealth; OmiseGo has positive press in both aspects. On the one hand, OmiseGo still has a partnership with McDonald's and is used - right now today - as a means of exchange. On the other hand, OmiseGo's mission statement is to, "Unbank the Banked" and they occupy a very large, relatively tech savvy and industrious region of the world, "Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia, with rapid expansion plans to neighboring countries across Asia-Pacific."

I believe it's time again for these types of coins to make a resurgence in price. However, what do I know? I am not to be trusted because I have no vaild insight and these statements should not be considered actionable or sane advice in any instance. Disregard this analysis as not usable. Cheers.
Kommentar: There has been a "crash" of cryptocurrencies due to South Korean regulations (photo ID required to buy cryptos)... Everything looks like a crash in cryptos compared to traditional - otherwise known as managed - markets.

I have not changed my opinion in regard to price outlook for OmiseGo for the time being and will continue the trade from here. This company has come serious marketing wizards and community support. I'm banking on that at least.
Kommentar: This is now at 0.00173160 and I will be selling the lot to buy into other investments. XLM and BNT look great.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht
Alts have come back and it's still a good time to buy.
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jbieb448 paul_delucia
@paul_delucia, I'll try an interpreterate the lawls, but let me know if I'm off target.

The crash in price that occurred right after this post was quite small in comparison to the other two that have occurred in the past week. OMG, this guy's going higher.

I'll stick with the above analysis. The same thing happened with a XMR chart of mine here on Trading view, but look what happened after... we'll see...
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@jbieb448, agree about OMG going higher next few weeks, though I don't quite know what I'm looking at with your chart; I'm very novice. Was just chuckling at your closing comments. Cheers
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jbieb448 paul_delucia
@paul_delucia, you the man, Paulie!
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