BITTREX:NXCBTC   Nexium / Bitcoin
Created 31.12.2017 (forgot to publish)
Already profit +33% W8ting for 10000+ satoshi
Kommentar: Hitting first time 5k resistence 21:05
Someone sell 150k (NXC) = 6,3TBC = drop to 4,3k
22:30 = Raising Again
Kommentar: -BTC reach 15k (fast rocket)
Kommentar: 4.1.2018
5K resistence broke
Kommentar: BTC today big Up to 16,5k (resistance lvl) so nxc fall little bit down
10.1.2018 NXC (in game shop launch)
31.1.2018 NXC (show us new roadmap)

W8ting for 8k resistance... (maybe good idea to buy nxc now (4000 satoshi)
Kommentar: HODL ! HODL !
next target
Drakeblu muzzamilsana
@muzzamilsana, seems like 8k :o
@Drakeblu, after 31 genuary they will start a massive marketing and announcing furute partnership with e-sport . do you think the floor in febrary could be 10k sats?
Drakeblu andreaandretta
@andreaandretta, i think we can reach at least 8k sats, so yes i believe we can hit even 10k :p
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