NIFTY intraday and mid term chart with ***VIP*** levels marked.

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50

Today i am sharing extremely important thing with all.

Check my chart,
1. You will find many imp levels marked on hourly chart. Thin red lines are for W.D. Gann Sq             of 9 converted in nifty             numbers. (Many people charge lots of money to teach these levels :-) ).
2. Another set of lines are result of my own finding or concept which I invented (1080 method of Astrology, Astronomy, Cycles, Numbers).
3. There are 4 EMAs marked on chart, this one is also result of my R&D and logic.
4. Pivot high and lows are to indicate market structure. (My followers know how much importance i give to price structure)
5. Observation is the key, check price action in relation to EMAs, Gann and 1080 levels.

The idea behind sharing these details is to share the method or concept which i am currently using to anticipate the price action. Traders can contact me if they want to learn in depth. Points shared are for Those Who want to do it with their self learning and understanding.

1. Nifty             is moving as per our time analysis.
2. Price is between the previous structural top and bottom.
3. Short term trend can be decided only if price closes hourly candle below 10124 or above 10344.
4. On daily chart structurally we are in up trend only, till time we are closing above 9686 we are in up trend.

sharing my time analysis dates below, traders needs to be alert on such dates.

I am interested in learning in depth.
Please share details
How to contact you.
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