Newcrest Mining - Top Goldproducer No. 1

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As the coming days / weeks more and more attention will be paid to gold and silver, I start to introduce some producers.

Newcrest Mining is one of Australia's and World major gold producers.
With an All-In Sustaining Cost (AISC) of $ 738 / ounce of gold, the company is also among the most effictive gold-producing global players.
In Australia, it is produced by far the "cheapest" gold open pit with $ 147 AICS in Q.1 2019 - Cadia.
The other mine is Telfer with high AISC of $ 1,148 per ounce.
Papua New Guinea is producing $ 849 AICS at the Lihir Mine.
In Indonesia, the cost of Gosowong Mine is over $ 1,105 per ounce.
There are investments to Lundin Gold (27%) and Imperial Metals (70%).
Exploration is active in several countries: Australia, Papua New Guinea, USA, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

If the gold price on monthly closes price above $ 1,380, Newcrest Mining has one of the most prolific gold producers in the world, especially as the $ 1 billion debt is ridiculously low and could be immediately paid off with cash.

The dividend is now not high but at least $ 0.15 and typically between 10-30% of the free cash flow earned annually.

Greetings from Hannover

Stefan Bode
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