Situation for Tech Stocks

OANDA:NAS100USD   US Nas 100
If I were you, I wouldn't go long or short until we leave the support/resistance zone that is quite large because of market volatility . We are not in a full bear market, but in bear mode, so a long position is riskier than a short position.

What can push prices up?
- Stock buybacks
- The story of the everlasting bull market
- Change in FED's opinion to defer next rate hike (return to dovish monetary policy )
- A consensus in the trade agreements between US and China, EU and GB
- Strong global economy due to positive consumer sentiment

What can push prices down?
- Rising interest rates and bond yields
- Escalation of the trade war (more tariffs)
- Budget spending clash in Europe
- Ongoing currency devaluation in the emerging markets
- A flattening economy
Kommentar: Big news: U.S. President Donald Trump wants to seal a trade deal with China!

+3 for team BULL

Revised lighter guidance for Apple and slowing market sales
US productivity growth slows to a 2.2% rate in the third quarter!

+1 for team BEAR
+ 1 for team BEAR
Kommentar: Treasure Note Yield > 3.2%
+2 for team BEAR
Midterm elections (the harmstrung government cannot change the current policies)
+ 1 for team Bull

==> Bull / Bear standoff for the moment
Kommentar: Rising dollar
+2 for team BEAR

I don't know if this US president is member of team BEAR.

Stay short ...
Kommentar: Warning for big sell off in china if dollar continues to surge. Surely this is going to affect the Tech stocks in general!


US productivity growth slows to a 2.2% rate in the third quarter!

+1 for team BEAR