Italian constitutional referendum & the widely expected crash

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A constitutional referendum will be held in Italy on Sunday 4 December 2016. Voters will be asked whether they approve of amending the Italian Constitution to reform the appointment and powers of the Parliament of Italy, as well as the partition of powers of State, Regions, and administrative entities.


All known polls saying that Matteo Renzi is going to loose this referendum. As mentioned before in the following trading ideas the outcome of the Referendum is absolutely clear: If the referendum falis Mr. Renzi says he will step down. Investors, and many European governments, fear a NO vote will turn Italy into the "third domino" in a toppling international order, after Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Everyone in Italy believes that NO is how Italians should vote.

Thisfore everything is clear and what "suprise" can be left for sunday? Hedgefonds are betting against Italiy, obviously, heavily.

In case you are one of those investors and you are absolutely sure about this upcomming crash by monday night what is the reason that you are closing some short trades today?

You dont believe that this happened today? Than watch closely the chart above and think what this chart means.
Hughe Shortposition on Italien Stockmarket

For traders like us it is not possible to check if this information might be true or not.

The head of the Italian Stockexchange in Milano (Italia), Raffaele Jerusalmi, today is saying, that he see hughe shorpositions from oversea investors in the Italian stockmarket.

use google translate pls:

"Es gibt kolossale Short-Positionen aus den USA und anderen Staaten, in denen grosse Anleger beheimatet sind", sagte Raffaele Jerusalmi, Chef der Mailänder Börse, am Dienstag.
Rocket Straight Up

The FTSE/mib is outperforming all european stockmarkets. But there is still no evidence, that this trend might not turn arroung dramatically by Friday or next Monday.

If you follow this Idea take profit now or look for a hedge position wich procted your investment in case shortseller will come back to push this market by monday.

If ever this might occur i will sell my hedge positions monday morning.
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The FTSE/mib goes rocket straight up to almost 17k instead of crashing as widely expected.

Right now no one can say if there might more shortselling to come on friday or monday. If you followed this idea you can close now your positions with a gain of 400 Points or more in one day.
just now
Comment: After all what you know about Italy - would you expect a chart like this?

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