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Since the huge correction affected the whole market so bad, all we need is back to where we were before the correction and then to the moon. In the chart above, LTC is clearly showing uptrend. there are a lot of news/projects lined up this for LTC which will spike the price. Good luck with trading.

Kommentar: This is doing exactly what i put in will go back to 140 and then moon....
280 is a small moon...I am waiting for the huge rocket run tbh.
@sifeij, i agree bro.. we all need this to hit 3k this year...:)
sifeij sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, Clif High said his data shows LTC:BTC = 1:5 ratio will hit.
@sifeij, yup. i have Clif latest report, email me on and i will reply with the latest report attached..cheers!
sifeij sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, you are so nice, thank you, my friend emailed me the report just now :) I am so excited.
@sifeij, but i think this is a bit weird because Clif claims BTC to be 30K by April. I don't think it will go that high though. If it goes to this mark. I will be on the MOON...hahahah
sifeij sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, Here is my calculation based on past performance of LTC.

LTCBTC last time lowest point was 0.005, then 5x to 0.025 in about 83 days, 50% drop to 0.013, if it does 5x again, next target is 0.065BTC.

LTCBTC last time lowest point was $36, then reached Fibonacci projection of 4.0 which is $420, if it does 4.0 again, next target is $1646.

$1646/0.065 = $25323 USD/BTC, and if we use 83 days to calculate from the lowest point to this target, it should be right around the end of May.

I don't know if I am making sense, but the math does not lie. All we rely on is let the history repeats itself. :)
@sifeij, it can go as you never know what may happen in this volatile market. If Btc goes close to 100k or even 80k I would be a millionaire bro. Lol....I love the numbers you calculated. Hope it goes as expected. Thank you bro
sifeij sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, end of this year, BTC is 100k he said.
And I do think LTC bull run will be divided to two - one is before May, one is before the year-end to reach 1:5 ratio roughly.
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@sifeij, i agree ! are we gonna sell LTC before the next dip bro? i have my LTC in Trazor . i dont know if i should take em out and sell before the next dip and buy again the dip..
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