LTCUSD (12h): LTC broke out? Fibo 1.62 = 550 USD

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
According to TA, the LTC could go up independently of BTC . High potential possible.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
Kommentar: LTCUSD (2h): Perfect re-test of the support line (former resistance line).

Kommentar: LTCUSD (12h): Chart update. Strong up as expected. More up possible.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (4h): Chart update. Litecoin broke second resistance ...

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): Chart update. Shortterm Fibo 0.62 reached. Next up possible.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (2h): Chart update. swing trader be watchful. if we see a correction at btc, in the short term time frame, ltc could also go down - max target fibo 0.38 at arround 190. the next up could be expected. if btc doesn't move down the next few hours, a direct up is possible.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): Chart update. Triangle Pattern. Be watchful at the current resistance.

Kommentar: in addition: same, but with a longer triangle.

Kommentar: in addition 30 min close uphttps://www.
Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): Chart update. Triangle pattern works.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (2h): Chart update. decision point. two possible ways. if ltc pass restance up > strong buying signal

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): Chart update. breat out.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (15h): after the up the correction. here tree possible targets.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (30min): chart update. possible trangle.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): chart update. after break out ISH (Inverse Head And Shoulders) possible.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (2h): situation chart.

Kommentar: in addition ... retest of the resistance failed.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): situation chart.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (30min): situation chart. possible shs pattern failed. new shortterm trendchannel visible. in comparision to btc same movements. so a further down still possible. now we are on an breakpoint. be watchful.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (30min): bull flag. situation chart.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (30min): bull flag. next target 250 possible. retest of the resistance / bull flag break out.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (30min): w-pattern possible within the bull flag.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): situation chart. support line okay.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (1h): nice move as expected. could ltc pass the resistance?

Kommentar: LTCUSD (2h): situation chart ... on track.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (2h): situation chart ... adapting the triangle. now the points are clearer. looks good. watch where we're going. strong up still possible.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (D): support line reached. strong up possible. ltc could be a high performer.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (4h): situation chart ... ltc looks not bad. support line still holding.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (4h): situation chart ... resistance could break. break out of the triangle possible.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (12h): situation ... ltc still fighting at the support line. looks like it could be strong enough.

Kommentar: LTCUSD (D): preview of my next ltc chart.



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the Idea's chart levels work like a charm! great work
For now, no volume, sideways, falls fast with BTC but not up as fast as BTC, ... boring mode of LTC
Looks like a descending triangle, broke out a little, and then is in continuation. I was looking at a daily chart and almost see a huge descending triangle with the tip ending in beginning of May, curious if you see the same
btcinvests MON5TAR99
@MON5TAR99, hard to say for me at moment. to less infos. but possible.
Looks like a fulcrum at this point.
@tangkp, not sure
You see the future
+1 Antworten
btcinvests asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, :-)
correction to 200 usd possible
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