LTC to 80 - MOONSHOT to 140

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Hello everyone again. Back at it with the LTC. Lets forecast LTC because we know LTC needs to be over 100 and I have some great news. It will be. Because LTC is not in a pattern like BTC that can be recognized on previous ATHs we can now verify the last ATH and pattern with it. After LTC ATH you will notice two humps, little hills before a major ATH .

The Little hills are where the yellow Arrow is shown. You will see that arrow pointing at the second of the two humps before lift off.

The red arrow signals the ATH . By looking at this simple pattern, and BTC expected 10K ATH ending November, Beginning December. I am calling for BTC and LTC to reach ATH November 28th-Dec 4 2017

LTC will reach an ATH of 140 and come down to correction of about 95. 100 is a good buyzone, but 95 will be when people see 100 and want to sell and squeeze a profit. That is when you wait for 95 and buy.

Now, charts aren't always accurate, but LTC is due for this and this is the road to LTC success that seems to have a pattern this year starting to form. You will notice BTC has its own pattern, a double double top . LTC so far in its infancy has 1. BTC used to have 1. History repeats itself. Numbers do not lie.


Buyzone after ATH 95-100

Buyzone BEFORE liftoff: 48-52. However, just like previously on BTC AND LTC, the dip before ATH did not occur due to people holding their coins in anticipation for ATH ... for this reason alone, the lowest LTC could get is 52. Buy carefully and don't miss the rocket to the moon.
Trade ist aktiv: Here we go. Everyone keep your eyes peeled on the charts and your trades! LTC hit 52, as I stated, now we have found a floor at 54.2 which looks good and LTC should start inclining. Going to be an interesting few weeks.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: This was amazing and reached the target higher than forecasted. This means the buy zone will not be 95-100 it would most likely have been 135-140. Closing trade.
Good trade ...thanks
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Should I get out of litecoin now?
Great Plan Keep my girlfriend
Good luck to you
thanks for the TA. great job!
Really appreciate the in depth information and your insights on trends. Most post Iv read state ideas with nothing backing it up. Awesomesauce right here, that is all.
I'm in.Thanks
thanks for sharing
Is the yellow curve meant to represent a parabolic curve? Too soon?
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It's going to take huge volume to push past the 100 mark. Big psychological resistance that can't be reflected with TA.
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