LTCBTC (12h): Litecoin - Bull flag and up? - BTC Chart Series

BITFINEX:LTCBTC   Litecoin / Bitcoin
In relation to other coins, LTC vs BTC has moved sideways in a bull flag . Currently, LTC could break out up - of this flag.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
Kommentar: LTCBTC (12h): chart update. fight around the resistance line. ltc break out?

Kommentar: LTCBTC (12h): break out... free willy.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (12h): ATH LTC vs BTC!

Kommentar: LTCBTC (12h): chart update ... target 0.028 possible.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (12h): situation chart.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (2h): situation chart. why is ltc good to trade? ltc is more original and classic. no futures. smaller market volume. therefore easier to analyze imo.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (4h): situation chart. ltc was not strong enough against btc.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (4h): situation chart. next up possible.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (8h): situation chart. LTC could emancipate itself from BTC.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (8h): situation chart. next up possible.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (8h): situation chart. so far okay.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (12h): nice up against BTC

Kommentar: LTCBTC (4h): further good performance against BTC. LTC on the way up.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (8h): situation chart. support line touched and up ...

Kommentar: LTCBTC (D): situation chart. next up in range of vision.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (D): situation chart. further up possible.

Kommentar: LTCBTC (D): situation chart. retest of the breake out.



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LTC to $900? :D
btcinvests monguilhot
@monguilhot, yes. by the end of the year at the latest, we could be there.
Can you clarify a little on the last update? "LTC not strong enough against BTC" - You think that the money is following BTC at LTC's cost in the short term? It still looks ok to me - just a little more consolidation before it catches up with BTC again. What am I missing here?
@JN9797, thanks for your question. first of all. the post is only meant for swing not long term. i still see a strong dependency to btc. ltc has not been freed yet in my opinion. so was my post to understand.
Still way too much dependent on BTC. OCcasionally pum or dump then for prolonged times does exactly follow BTC.
asdfghghj asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, in usd terms
btcinvests asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, right.
So are you bull right now sir?
@Miru84, yes
its not ATH (yet ;), look at BTC-e or Bitfinex chart
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