Litecoin (LTC/BTC) - The Matrix Revealed

BITFINEX:LTCBTC   Litecoin / Bitcoin
The future and the past, the elegant dance of two creates the present. Welcome and good luck with trading ;)
Kommentar: One rule, if it leaves the triangle it will break out big down or up.
Kommentar: Litecoin will be heading to 0.01555
Kommentar: Thinking we will find strong resistance at 0.01555-0.01600 and make a handle on this cup with yellow lid before going up higher.
Kommentar: Could be heading to 0.016895
Kommentar: To further understand my claims, have a look at this older chart. Where the yellow line was also a crucial uptrend line. This one will act as strong resistance now.
Kommentar: I repeat target reached of 0.016895!
Kommentar: Red bars are fractal overlay of previous flagg. We should consolidate at this point.
Kommentar: To be on the safe site, I would short here. This could turn into a massive H&S pattern and still resistance at these levels.
Kommentar: To support my last comment. LTC has been very bearish after each strong rise (I & II) and the ABC correction showed almost no big up to B. It is wise to exit or short here and have a look if this goes really up more.
Kommentar: Log-Chart that also says shorting is wise.
Kommentar: Update on Litecoin. Normal correction should play out after 3 successive waves, even reached the utmost zone of the large triangle. Target points are in the chart
Trade ist aktiv: The trend should stay in the triangle.
Kommentar: PERFECT bounce at bottom of triangle. Nice!
Kommentar: Looking more and more like a massive Heads and Shoulders.
Kommentar: Have a look at the picture I posted on this feed 1 Sept.
Kommentar: With I, II and III :)
Kommentar: LTC outside triangle.. Bad.
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lol - LTCBTC the matrix revealed rocks!
Not worried at all. LTC bull here. Just come back in 3 weeks.
Can you explain? Getting mixed signals about the direction of LTC. Will it go up to $55 and to the moon since we found support at $50.5 or will be test $48 and $44? Thanks
friend thank you for sharing
Spot on so far. Well played. Yet, there is something strange about litecoin. Almost mystical. Case in point: there have been at least 3 times where I have seem a bearish h+s reverse to the upside. I have yet to see any other coin (including BTC) behave in such a weird way. This tell me either that there is some serious manipulation going on or the trading gods have a devilish surprise in store for us. Look at the previous 2013 parabola and you will see that things went nuts from a simple breakout at 6 dollars to 48 dollars in a week! Shorts got a spiritual experience. By all means go short but don't get too greedy. Lightening can strike twice.
TheTrex fortunekr
@fortunekr, Yes I find LTC pretty shady to be honest..
Nice update!
What does that mean in USD?
Freaking wizzardry right here.
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