LISK - 200% Potential (40 Day Trade)

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LISK has been peforming pretty well lately and still has more room for growth as we approach the anticipated LISK relaunch (20 Feb 2018) along with Core v1.0 and SDK releases. As we approach the relaunch date, there will be another price surge that could take us anywhere from TP1 and TP5 within the yellow area on the chart above.

I expect a correction that could take us down to the $30-$24 range again where it will be the perfect chance to accumulate more LISK.

Target Profits:

TP1: $61.98 (110% Profit)
TP2: $73.17 (150% Profit)
TP3: $78.69 (170% Profit)
TP4: $83.23 (185% Profit)
TP5: $89.02 (205% Profit)

If Lisk manages to breach TP5 before the relaunch date, I will update with new targets.

Good luck!

Kommentar: We are currently in the accumulation zone ($30-$24)

Good luck accumulating more LISK.
Trade ist aktiv: Targets still active!!

My only advice for you guys is:

- BUY THE FEAR (Buy when everyone is selling)

Good luck :)
Kommentar: When you see Lisk at $20... Remember when ETH was sitting at $20 last year :)

This is probably the last chance for anyone to buy Lisk at ~$20... Fill your bags now before the train takes off and leaves you behind.
Kommentar: Yesterday: LISK listed on BitFlyer (Largest Japanese Exchange)
Today: LISK listed on Huobi (Chinese Exchange)

Overall market is extremely bearish since BTC is falling due to CME manipulation to buy cheap BTC. Everything will go back to normal and LISK will be a top performer this year! A great year indeed for Lisk.
Kommentar: I have updated my LISK analysis with the LSK:BTC pair. Please check it out as I will be updating it more often.

The reason why I changed from LSK:USD to LSK:BTC is because BTC has a bigger influence on the crypto price movement at the moment and with the majority of volume of Lisk being traded against BTC.
Hey it looks like you have been stopped out @JoeFares
However, this still has rebounded (given all the recent FUD around Crypto, and the downmove on BTC, I believe LSK has held up well). I added on the dips towards the 4hour 200MA and will likely hold for a bit longer.
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JoeFares Enhanced_Investor
@Enhanced_Investor, I set no stop loss for my Lisk position... Against rules of Capital Management, I know! But I am extremely bullish on Lisk, especially in the coming months and never want to lose position due to any sort of flash crash or temporary BTC flip like what happened in the past 2 days. The set targets are still active and I believe Lisk could easily reach $200-$500 by the end of 2018.
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very nice post, thanks for the effort writing!
I already accumulated lots of Lisk and will accumulate more if price goes down. I'm now a Lisk believer and 100$ is a "ok" price in case the team meet the deadlines and the meeting on the 20/Feb. turns out to be positive.

I wonder where price might go after SDK Alpha release in April..
JoeFares BrunoDanteSampaio
@BrunoDanteSampaio, Thank you :) After SDK, my conservative price speculation for LISK is $150-$200
@JoeFares, Im 60% loaded in lisk, man... if that happens I buy 2 houses immediately and I fly where u are and pay you a beer..

But let's see, Lisk team has been delaying a lot - that's quite annoying for the long term investors. I hope 20th fEb. is pretty positive and the re-branding is not delayed again.

What do you believe has more impact on the investors community, SDK release or relaunch?

Cheers form Amsterdam.
JoeFares BrunoDanteSampaio
@BrunoDanteSampaio, The rebrand date is confirmed this time:

I believe Lisk Core v1.0 will be announced before the relaunch date (20th Feb, 2017) which could give us a good price run-up as we approach the event.

I believe in Max and I am confident that he will be able to do an outstanding presentation. SDK release will be the real killer that will take LISK to the moon!

Let's wait and see :)

Many people flamed me 2 months ago when I said Lisk will go up from $6 to $30..... I am confidently aiming for a conservative $90/LISK next month to sell 40% of my position and will hold 60% for SDK.

Good luck!

You can tip me a beer anytime :D

LISK ADDRESS: 16913548886128029224L
JoeFares JoeFares
@JoeFares, I meant 20th Feb 2018 not 2017.. lol
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@JoeFares, haha, correct.
Well.. approaching the date ;) I'm loading up slowly with Lisk and it already represents more than half of my cryptofolio. I also believe SDK will be a success and Lisk will moon once again :D

Have a nice lisk ride!
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