LISK HODL (200% Potential profits!)

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Lisk is a HODLer. Great Project and personally one of the bigger projects I'm interested in. As of right now, Lisk is battling to break it's all time high.. The indicators are very bulish, and I expect the next time it tries to break it's all time high of 31 dollars, that it will certainly do so. If you see lisk at 23 dollars or below, it's a great pick up. I would say 40 dollars is a target for January. However, come February there will be a re-branding! Yes that's right! That should get you hyped because re-branding news tend to move Crypto prices extensively. It would be smart to get in before Febuary. Look for the prices of 23 or below.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: it hit my 40 dollar prediction faster than i expected. Lisk a hodler tho.
Trade ist aktiv: It's almost February. the month of re-branding. I can see Lisk hitting 60 dollars this month, but I don't see it if bitcoin keeps dipping. As long as bitcoin stays at it's current level, and better yet, even starts going up. I can see lisk hitting 60 before Feb 20. If you get in lisk, you want out before the re-branding. After the news, it's more of a gamble and more likely to dip than go up. Lisk is a hodler though. and I'm personally a long term lisk holder. Long term lisk has a lot of potential, if it follows it's plans that is. it's still a very very early stage. Any money long term is a risk. Do your own due diligence before holding at such a speculative state. high rewards always have a high risk.
Kommentar: 60 Dollars is not my target anymore. I'll be looking for 40 Dollars. It seems to be a strong resistance, and with bitcoin down so much. I don't see lisk getting to 60 anytime soon. I expect bitcoin to stay dipped for a while. Could it go to 60 still, possibly, but I would rather take profit at 40 at this point in time. Unless bitcoin recovers A LOT in the next week.
Kommentar: I've been taking out little by little since 30 dollars. In case it doesn't reach 40 USD. The re branding event is very close, so it's possible it might go up. There's a reason LISK kept it's valuation over during the bear market. It's because most people believe lisk will go up after the re branding. I am not willing to take that risk. It is more likely to go down. I'll be all out before the 20th. Whether it goes up or not, I am happy. Traders think of risk, gamblers think of profit.
;-)....$$$$I'm waiting for 500 $$ and I'm leaving, and I was buying for 4.5 $$
@Widmo, nice! almost at a 10x gain. Early birds get the worms. 500 is very possible with this company, but that's only if they do really really well and follow through with their plans and dates which is a big gamble, but if you believe in the company than it's worth it! I think $100 before the SDK release is very possible though.
Widmo JonRulz
@JonRulz,in this matter I am patient ..... ;-)
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