New people in the IOTA team
Mr. Sulavka and his team are the ones responsible for the IXI development. This will enable already existing and future exchanges to integrate seamlessly into the IOTA network, and have tools to make use of IOTA easy for exchange devs/operators.
It's not only Mark Sulavka. Mr. Sulavka brings with him a core team that includes the following:
Jeffrey Diedrich Former CTO of the National Stock Exchange and 20+ year securities and trading technology veteran.
Kenny Byrne Former CTO of PartStore and 20+ years as a Sr. executive, building and capitalizing early-stage companies as well as turnarounds.
Egor Agafonov Sr. Architect / Sr. Developer with over 30 years of systems and trading solutions development.
Mark Kemna Former CTO and Sr. technologist of multiple companies, specializing in ad-tech and big data.
About technical analysis
I see falling wedge - reversal pattern
We are in 78.2% Level fibonacci
But first we need reak out resistance line. After we have resistance level at 2$ area. And resistance line of the blue channel.
RSI look at up
Im not sure if its trend reversal
And you need use Stop loss
Buy zone 1.59-1.67$
Targets 1.8$ - 2$ - 2.6$
Stop loss 1.5$
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: First target reached
Kommentar: I already in short position
Kommentar: Waiting for 0.9$

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Thank you for the analysis!
No clear its short?
going to 2,6$...oh,no, waiting for 0,9$, ah no no no, now going to 2,2$. please....
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espenespen aarondominguez
@aarondominguez, Was thinking the same! The most conflicting TA I've seen from you, Excavo! Regardless thank you for your time.
Thanks so much, really clear analysis. May I ask traders for ideas: when selling from 1.8 level, do you generally choose to take profit @ the bottom of where you think it'll land (e.g. @ 1.0)? Or since it's a broken downtrend, would you take profit at 3 different points?
I love trading IOTUSD, I am glad you do analysis and ideas for it too... thanks!
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Bear trap? Currently down about 400iota after selling at 1.65 :(
The IOTA is on a fall channel. expect this channel to be broken for long-term investment.

My point of entry was the same as yours. :)

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thank you, did the same some minutes ago!
The problem with IOTA is the management ... a bunch of snowflakes who think they are running a charity and not a business. IOTA is a “non-profit” organization. Let that sink in. Where would Apple or Amazon be with that mindset?
Unless and until new management takes over and works the company like a business, with a profit motive, IOTA is a fools errand.
Let's hope the new crew is more grounded in the real world.
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