IOTBTC descending triangle to 0.00015

As the chart shows.

The reason IOTA was pumped high was fake news related to MIT. While the use of blockchain for iot is interesting, there's no reason to use specifically IOTA token. It's not a bad coin, but the market isn't looking at it favorably at the moment.

Watch out for the next milestone / fake news. Mid-term target is 0.00015BTC.
Kommentar: actually many people buying this today. of course, it could go to $3, but without the help of press mill I don't expect much higher (I don't even expect $3).

people (including me) tend to think that if something has dropped a lot it'll go up soon. in a bull market, yes. otherwise, it can take quite some time.

in fact, when its holders are so worried that they feel the need to write angry comments to a charting post --- you know the market isn't ready for reversal.

additionally, I personally believe eth will go to 10k+ & btc 50k in 2018. to say iota will be 10 by 2019 isn't much. I think if it only goes to 10 it's not a good investment.
Kommentar: very impressive. it appears that their new wallet is helping their price. but if a good news only helps 2-3%, when it wears off...
LOL, what a shit post. Hardly a descending triangle
DrJLT Vermillionz
@Vermillionz, you'll cry when it breaks down
So much misinformation in a single paragraph, I'm impressed. The DCI is not equivalent to MIT and their FUD contributed to a price decrease, not an increase.

IOTA does not use blockchain technology, but another distributed ledger technology called directed acyclic graph.

This, along with the foundations deep ties to the automotive industry, gouverment entities and the banking system is part of why IOTA is by far the most attractive coin on a fundamental level for me right now.

I suggest you read up instead of causing your followers to miss opportunities bwcause you failed to do so.

Hold this coin. If the mining industry manages to FUD it down to 1.50, buy more. A miracle needs to happen for MIOTA not to hit 10 USD this year.
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Prometheus777 knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, This whole analysis especially the misinformation are just trash.
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knowhatamine Prometheus777

that, too, lol.
knowhatamine knowhatamine

that too, lol. :D
knowhatamine Prometheus777

I'm so tired of seeing these triangles... They don't really tell us much as these guys seem to think. In fact, I will post an idea in few minutes proving my point, especially in the case of IOTA.
Can't wait to get out of this POS. If it ever hits my buy-in point again I'm out.
DrJLT leondb
@leondb, I got in at 4 (traded it a couple of times before; this was the last time). Today I sold half to btc half to etp.

This one I find a strong resemblance to bch in December. I should've sold it when it hit 2000 the first time. Sold over one month later for not much more. Opportunity cost enormous.

This one I think will go to 1.5.
leondb DrJLT
@DrJLT, you and I acted the same, I also got in at 4 (HODL still), same with BCH, but got out at 1600 in the end.
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