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BITTREX:IOPBTC   Internet Of People / Bitcoin
Internet of People (IOP). I got in this coin a while back, not enough experience. This is only a few months ago, what I didn’t really know was what I was looking for. I had the eyes, so I could see, I knew it was going to go up, but by how much? When to sell? When to hold? I didn’t have a plan and that kept on costing me money.

I had to figure out what was wrong with me, to understand why I couldn’t land any trades, even when I were smart enough to figure out that it will rise… And I figured it out, I didn’t have the patience.

No patience, but why? It is not easy to just “get” patience when you don’t know why you are inpatient to start with. So I asked myself, why patience, why I don’t have it. And then comes the answer, you just need to ask the questions…. It was fear, I was afraid because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I needed a plan. You always need a plan, and here you have it!

This is my trade analysis for the altcoin Internet of People (IOP). The charts are telling me that this coin is looking for some action in the near future, so we would like to enjoy it. We are going to ride this wave.

Internet Of People (IOP) Trade Instructions and Technical Analysis


Buy-in: 0.00065 – 0.000800

Stop-loss: 0.00061999
(Just in case, this can become useful).

IOP Targets:

(1) 0.000928
(2) 0.001283
(3) 0.002022
(4) 0.002940
(5) 0.003800
(6) 0.004400

(We are going to be conservative with the targets. We are not even going to be aiming at the top. The top happened in February after months the coin was added to the exchange. This can make the price go wild, so we will aim for targets based on other indicators).


(The lesson today was strategy. The plan. So we know we need a plan, the indicators are going to be quick).

- The weekly charts are really good, today marks a good start of the year for IOP and the chart has been getting ready for a strong positive reversal (from down to up).
- The indicators all are showing upward momentum and plenty of room for growth.
- On the daily chart , where we can monitor the action for shorter time frames, the chart looks a bit overloaded, but we still have all the bullish signals. What this can do is give us 2-4 days of no good action and then we take off strong. The only way to see this, is that we might have a long period to buy in and position ourselves. If resistance is broken above 0.00071, then we can see some action above our first target. We just hold and wait. We will still be here when the time to profit comes.
- I looked at several different time frames and I am positive that this can be a good, long, safe and profitable trade. So let’s do it. Here is the daily chart for your entertainment:

*** Message

Today was all about work and growth. Why is that?
Are we getting prepared for something?

Today I feel like I am just getting ready for more.
Is this really just the beginning, are you sure there won’t be something?

Doesn’t really matter if it is the beginning or not.
If we will all do good, or if something bad will come.

We have this opportunity right in front of us.
So we are going to take it, to gain access to the tools that will let us FREE our SOULS.

Our time, is the most important thing that we have going on.
If we can get it back, we will also gain back control.

The Spirit of Trading has come to your assistance once more.

I hope you enjoyed your message. There will always be more to come.

Kommentar: This trade is updated to the minute and has taken into consideration every signal for NOW. This is a LONG strong trade.

If you have doubts, don't join, more will come.

If you are feeling good. Buy in and hold. You will be in a very good spot in a few weeks time.
Trade ist aktiv: If you are still holding and didn't set up a stop loss, you can keep this trade open. I am holding through this downtime.

If you are looking for new trade ideas, you can cut your losses and move to a new trade. Whichever one you choose is fine.
Kommentar: IOP went below stop loss. If you set up a stop loss you should be out now.

I didn't set a stop loss and I am not selling for a loss. I am HOLDING LONG.

You can stop your loss you manually as well, but we are still on a positive trend line. So I am riding this trade longer.

Here is the daily chart:
Kommentar: This trade has taken its time to take off, but this is good because the charts show a clear uptrend and also plenty of room for growth on the weekly.

Hold strong, this is a solid trade. Once IOP takes off, it always has lots of action.

Here is the daily chart:
Kommentar: We are finally moving up. This is looking positive now.
Let's trade!!!
Kommentar: I am holding this and every other trade.
We are in a market wide correction, and for this we halted trading for a few days.

Bitcoin bounced from support and right now we are waiting to see if this support level will be re-tested.

We need to allow a few more days to know how things will turn out. To get better and stronger signals.

The altcoins are looking better now but still have a way to go.
For now, we hold patiently. We hold strong.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you!
Kommentar: The worst is already over. We are at the bottom, this is the time to load up on IOP. Buy-in, rebuy and reload. Things are looking good for 1-2 weeks ahead.

Here is the 2h chart:
Trade ist aktiv: IOP coin will be listed on "Coins Control", which is a new cryptocurrency exchange.

This normally is really good news for any coin when it is listed in a new exchange. This can help the price move up as more people gain access to trading this coin.

Here is the 2 hours chart for your entertainment:

You can see the news here:

Feel free to buy-in, rebuy and reload as much as you can. There is really good potential for this coin.

Kommentar: Give this trade some more time, there are signals on the short term charts of movement... Once it takes off, you will be happy to purchased this coin.
Kommentar: Internet of People (IOP) is still consolidating; going sideways.

This trade idea is no longer relevant since we reached new lows after the Bitcoin correction. A new updated idea will be posted but we need to wait longer.

We need to wait for breakout signals for a new trade idea.

Keep holding long. We are keeping IOP as a long term trade. This trade was posted on the 2nd January, 1.5 months ago. Give it some additional time before our next run.

I will be posting a new trade idea as soon as the new trend starts.

Thanks for your continued support.

Kommentar: I know many of you have been waiting LONG for this trade, and that's great. That's ok.

IOP is looking better now, the charts are starting to look good.

The daily chart is building up nicely and the weekly as well.

This coin has been consolidating for the longest time, and new all time high wasn't challenged on this last bull run. The next one, IOP will definitely be a big star.

For when IOP takes off, I will be sharing a new trade idea with updated targets and all relevant information.

Thanks for your support again... Namaste.
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I will post an update for IOP now.
Memnon alanmasters
@alanmasters, looking forward to your views
@Memnon, The trade is ready, I will make it public soon.

Thanks for your support.
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update please
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Hi @alanmasters

I tell you:

I discovered IOP in 14,000 satoshis last year (2017), I saw the coin sleeping for a long time and I thought that she should be awake soon ... but me was totally new in cryptotrading, and four days afther, really "to the moon" 11x to 150,000 satoshis ... very sadly because I do not raise the wave ... since that, i am searching a new opportunity to enter. Right now is below 25k satoshis. What do you think of my friend? the recovery is inminent or still down?

You are the first serious analyst i see talking about IOP!

Thanks and well done!
I believe in this coin , fundamentally and technically IOP is very good
do ppl still believe in this pnd guy lol
This style of trading; often buying at the high, ignoring preset stop losses and then holding till it gets better, sounds a lot like hoping, i.e. gambling. Proceed with caution folks.
pump and dump...
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