IBEX 35: Buy On Bad News

BME:IBC   IBEX 35 Index
The Spanish economy is the fifth-largest in Europe behind Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and France; and the fourth-largest in the Eurozone, based on nominal GDP statistics. In 2012, Spain was the twelfth-largest exporter in the world and the sixteenth-largest importer. Following the financial crisis of 2007–08, the Spanish economy's plunged into recession, entering a cycle of negative macroeconomic performance. Compared to the EU's and US. average, the Spanish economy entered recession later (the economy was still growing by 2008), but stayed there for longer. The economic boom of the 2000s was reversed, leaving over a quarter of Spain's workforce unemployed by 2012. In aggregated terms, the Spanish GDP contracted by almost 9% during the 2009-2013 period.

In 2015 the Spanish GDP grew by 3.2%, a rate not seen since 2007, before the crisis struck; such growth rate was the highest among larger EU economies that year. In just two years (2014-2015) the Spanish economy had recovered 85% of the GDP lost during the 2009-2013 recession, which got some international analysts to refer to Spain's current recovery as "the showcase for structural reform efforts".
Strong GDP growth was registered also in 2016, with the country growing twice as fast as the eurozone average. In this regard, the Spanish economy is forecast to remain the best-performing major economy in the Eurozone also in 2017


Cls: The IBEX-35 is showing a multi year triangle pattern . Even the political tensions based on the Catalan Independece Referndum is threatening short or medium term economic growth in Spain the IBEX35 should rise further and gaining momentum to the upside. First Longterm Target is 16.000 points.
Spanish economy grows despite Catalan crisis




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Auch am Tag eins nach der Entscheidung der Europäischen Zentralbank ist der Dax im Rally-Modus. Die Marke von 13.200 Punkten überwindet der deutsche Leitindex am heutigen Handelstag locker.
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